Snorting Micro Peeg Gets Belleh Rubs, Interwebs Explode

I mean, have the speakers turned up. There’s just…it’s..I…yeah. It’s like that.


Lilian D sent this one in.



  1. WANT!!!

  2. This would be extremely cute without sound, but with it sends the cute into the stratosphere. Plz be careful up there COers. It could be a few millenia before we come down after viewing that. OMG!

  3. aaww – you’re going to make me go back and watch all of my videos when mommy gets home. 🙂 XOXO – Bacon

  4. i apologize if it’s hard for anyone to hear the wee noisies over the sound of my ever-lovin’ head asploding…

  5. oh aye! sigh

  6. I love the little squeaky chirpy noises!

  7. Birdcage says:

    I wants me a grunting bebeh micro peeg please.

  8. Rooanne says:

    I want to see the peeg. Any tech-minded people here who can help?? I cannot view videos on CO anymore. I have upgraded my Flash and, um, something else, but all I get is a black rectangle.

  9. Naaawwww….I want one 🙂

  10. Rachael says:

    I’m as dumb as a box of hammers when it comes to technical stuff but you can always go to YouTube to watch this video. It is definitely worth your time. 🙂

  11. The gentleman giving the belleh rub clearly belongs in the Men of Cute Overload calendar! (Points for the accent, too.)

  12. Those like high-pitched chirps ’bout did me in!

  13. bluebird says:

    Always bring babywipes when you come to CO. Also a bag to carry your head home in.

  14. One of the reason I’m a vegetarian!!! =D

  15. Ayeesha says:

    I wish they would stay that size. I’d have ten of them running around my house!

  16. Mamalana says:

    I can no longer watch youtube at all. So frustrating. Is it an iPad problem?

  17. Squealy grunts ❤

  18. Ben Lepus says:

    I agree with Ayeesha! Super super cute but they do get bigger! Micro pig is actually a made up term for a miniature pig – they still get to be about 60 lbs. I hope the owner is dedicated to their lovely piggie and will love it to the end of its days!

  19. fleurdamour says:

    It’s a whistling pig!

  20. tigerheart says:

    Squeaky grunting whistling piglet…. Brain ‘sploded. Totally adorable.

  21. Little piggie sounds like R2D2!

  22. tenshihitomi says:

    Some pig!

  23. I recently read a story about a woman and her pet Vietnamese potbelly pig (yes, I know that’s not what this is, but I want to share the story!) She had a stroke or seizure or something and couldn’t get to the phone, and her pig busted out the front door and ran out into the middle of the street and laid down, until someone stopped and came to her front door to tell her that her pig was running loose. Then she was able to call to them and tell them that she needed help! 😯 😯

  24. If you get the YouTube app or the Jasmine app for your iPad, you should be able to view almost any YouTube video. If you try to watch them in your iPad browser, though, you will likely have problems.

  25. sotadragon says:

    OMG… SQUEEEEE!!!!! 😀 The gentleman with the lovely accent just makes this video even better, which I wouldn’t think was possible if I hadn’t seen & heard it for myself.

  26. Smartypants says:

    That is awesome! Peegs are so smart.

  27. Ali-Baba says:

    A wee lil’ smiling peeg! Athppppppppt! ( dat’s mah brain asplodin’, dont’cha know!) 🙂

  28. mplsdeb says:

    and the obvious smile that comes to the face. My head nearly exploded from CO.