Toebean Tuesday AKA Toesday Featuring…

…maybe the best kitteh name evah. Seriously, People. Wait ’til you hear this name. Ready?

Indiana Piano Rabbit.

“These pictures are of my cat Indiana Piano Rabbit (her full name) relaxing in her favourite place in the house, the bathroom sink,” says Katie K.


“When it’s hot, my old girl (she’s almost 17) is either in the bathroom sink or the bathtub. She also likes to have either of these faucets turned on so she can have a fresh drink of water.”

“Her original name was Indy Cat, because when she was a kitten, she’d run around my apartment like she was on a race track. I felt like Indy should be a nickname, so her ‘official’ first name became Indiana. Piano is her middle name because a little boy thought her stripes looked like the keys on his toy piano. Rabbit is for two reasons; she had seventeen children and because she’s soft and fluffy like a rabbit.”



  1. That first pic is so funny. It looks like she’s going down for the last time. So cute! XOXO – Bacon

  2. marthava says:

    That name really is a WIN.

  3. She is pretty darn special.

  4. elishab says:

    LUV EEEETT!!!!! Great back story and awesome hoomin!!
    Would love to see her stripes and her 17 “kids”!!

  5. 17 years! Good on you. She is lovely.

  6. Everything about this is cute and adorable, except 17 kids. Why didn’t you spay your cat???

  7. Adorable. Love her pink and black toes!!! ❤ My kitty (Mr.Giles, he is on Cute Overload, too!) also sleeps in the sink.

  8. I love that this is called ‘Toebean Tuesday’- my oldest kiddo calls our fat kitty’s toes, ‘bean pads’. Who knew we weren’t the only ones?!

  9. AWW 😀 Indiana Piano Rabbit is such a pretty kitty, Katie K. 😀 I take it you got her after she had her 17 kittens and was spayed 😀

  10. Katie K. could of gotten her cat after the cat had her 17 kittens and was spayed by the local S.P.C.A., Girl 🙂

  11. whawhawhatsis says:

    Yes, my 17-year-old Emily had had kittens before she came to live with me (not 17, though, fortunately!). I suspect that many if not most adopted female kitties have been mommies before they get introduced to a proper kitty life. 🙂

  12. Well, no, because she said she had her when she was a kitten . . .

  13. Kittenmittens AND Crazy Mixed-Up Beans?!? How awesome is that cat?

  14. No, her post says she has had her since she was a kitten. Wishful thinking!!

  15. Stray kittens occasionally get pregnant, too. Let’s not judge.

  16. Indiana has been spayed. She was an escape artist as a youngster. Every time I scheduled her to be spayed, she’d break out and disappear for about a month. She’d come close to me during her time outside, but juuuust far enough out of my reach (and the traps I set for her) so she could get away. ARG!!! It was so frustrating! I know how important it is to have pets spayed and neutered. Each of her kittens was adopted out to people who I interviewed in person and at length.

  17. snoopysnake says:

    Oh Indy Piano…why I eyes ya!

  18. I don’t blame you for getting so frustrated, Katie, especially when you are trying to get Indiana spayed and have to find homes for all of her kittens.