RIP To Chase The Baseball Doggeh

Some Sad News here, folks. Chase, the ball doggeh for the Trenton Thunder minor league baseball team, passed away at the age of 13. Chase was diagnosed in February with a form of lymphoma and also had arthritis. Here’s Chase in action a few years ago!


His son Derby has taken over the bat-fetching chores!

Photos by the Trenton Thunder. Emma from Sports On Earth sent this one ovah.



  1. I like the part about 1:00 in the video.

    “Excuse me, Mr. Umpire, I’ll take that.”

  2. Oh, forgot to say, RIP Chase. Say hi to my Golden girl Joker in doggeh heaven, tell her I still miss her.

  3. SlaveToCat says:

    May you find your Field of Dreams…..and a big stick.

  4. Aww, so sad. Sweet Chase was such a great doggie! I liked the part where she had to take a second to decide between the ball or the bat…

  5. Rachael says:

    Rest in peace, sweet boy. You were the heart and soul of the team and I know your son will do you proud.

  6. Valerie B says:

    I lived near Trenton a few years back and got to see him in action a a game. This makes me sad. 😦

  7. Gangewifre says:

    omg i’m not a baseball fan but i’d go to any game that derby was involved with! ❤

  8. SixFootJen says:

    What a good (and BEEYOOTIFUL) boy!! Chase has earned his reward. I know he is happily romping in the Land of the Slow Squirrels.

  9. Well done sweet boy. Your son will do you proud. Rest now.

  10. Blue Footed Booby says:

    Good job you jerk, I almost burst into tears in my cubicle. 😡

    I miss Gus.

  11. Aww, I must say that I’m a sucker for old white-faced goldies.

  12. We have Jake the Diamond Dog in the midwest. Love this! RIP Chase.

  13. That was my favorite part. I think there was a hint of, “Here. Let a professional handle that.” Or maybe, “Hey, pal, that’s my job. Don’t make me get the union in here.”

  14. sotadragon says:

    Awww… RIP Chase. 😥

  15. Or maybe it was just, “MY bat!” 😉

  16. RIP buddy