Ow Chihuahua

I thought I could fly – but I just forgot how to land.

“My chihuahua, Oliver, dislocated his wrist jumping out of my mom’s arms. He was having a hard time chewing his bone with his cast! I thought this would fit nicely under Cute or Sad?” -Dana N.



  1. Oh poor baby! He looks like he needs a hug. I would like to volunteer.

  2. What tiny little feets!!

  3. What did I say to get moderatered? 😦
    I hope there’s something good for dessert in here…

  4. What a precious little thing

  5. Starfish says:

    Owsche… poor duder. On the bright side, those eyes will get him anything he wants, even after he gets better.

  6. Rachael says:

    He has chicken legs, just like my Lily chihuahua. Poor little Oliver has an owie. 😦

  7. He’s a HUGE ferocious wolf inside but in a very small fragile package. Heal well little dude.

  8. Awwww…… that hurts..

    Hope Chinny recovers soon!

  9. chiw-ow-ow

  10. Cynthia M says:

    Aww, poor little sweet guy! Get well soon!

  11. Little cutie, for sure! I hope he’s all better soon!

  12. At least he has a cute duck blanket to soothe him!!

  13. Oliver is adorable. But it’s sad to see him with a cast on his leg. Hope that he’s better soon and able to walk on all 4’s.

  14. Aw, heal soon, wee Oliver! In the meantime, keep workin’ those puppy dog eyes to get your hoomins to do your bidding! (But you probably do that no matter what the circumstances!)

  15. elishab says:

    As to the Cute or Sad tag…….I go with neither……..just Sweet! And Get Better Soon! 🙂

  16. Saffron says:

    Such a prosh little doggeh. Get well soon, little one. ❤

  17. An owie and sad puppy dog eyes? I would give that little fellow anything he wants!

  18. Smartypants says:

    Aww, li’l pink alien dog – I will hold the treat steady so you can nom!

  19. Dana N. says:

    Awhh thanks everyone!! This is my chihuahua : ) He is feeling much better after all of your nice comments! He is hopefully on the mend and is seeing the vet again tomorrow! And yes, he gets everything he wants!

  20. Aww, he needs a kiss on his boo boo.