New Rule Of Cuteness, # TBD

If something is small enough for you to carry, and that something (Milo) is wearing BOOTIES—-that’s cute. And here’s the Milo Squeak if you missed it on July 4.

Milo Meets World right heah.



  1. orcgirl says:

    I love the “I don’t know how to walk because I can’t feel the floor!”. I got booties for my dearly departed Huxley and he walked the same way. Too funny and cute. 🙂

  2. rescue gal says:

    “whatcha doing Milo”

    Being humiliated for your enjoyment. Now gimme that treat!

  3. I can live with dressing your baby up for a specific purpose , I can even understand shoes/booties for extreme weather but other than that not really a fan of the shoe thing cause the “kids” just don’t understand or like it . sorry to nuff cute little baby’s footwear

  4. Dog is uncomfortable and kicks goofy boots off. Owner puts them right back on and asks Milo what he’s doing. She gives him a treat. Repeat. He keeps telling her and she keeps asking the same question. Poor Milo. I felt his frustration.

  5. Me too Alex. Take them off him, he hates them.

  6. Someone better watch out or they’re gonna get a dog bootie in the eye!

  7. Crystal says:

    Oh, Milo is fine and he got treats. It’s a cute video. Unruffle those feathers.

  8. And there are reasons you may want to acclimate a dog to boots, usually because the ground outside is either too hot or too cold to walk on safely

  9. I had a chow/golden retriever mix dog named Ziggy who had long hair. So when it rained, his feet got very wet at best and very muddy at worst if he went out in the backyard. I thought booties would be the perfect solution but oh boy did he HATE them! When I put them on, he started walking on his toes like a ballerina and chewed at them trying to get them off. He was too upset to even take any treats so I gave up.

    Once, I tried a rain slicker on him that had a hood. I thought that could be very helpful in the rain. He didn’t get upset or try to get out of it, he just stood there with his head down and refused to look up. It was sad and funny at the same time!

    Oh Ziggy. He was a strange doggie but so funny too. I miss him!


  10. I was wondering, can someone tell me what is Milo`s breed?

  11. Pawz Boots are fab for those doggies than need protection on their feet. Bootees just don’t work and the pups hate em.

  12. Nope. Clothes, whether protective or not, are NOT cute and shouldn’t be a rule.
    The Mighty Oz has spoken!
    Damn, doesn’t work at work either 😦

  13. I agreee

  14. I don’t remember what the brand was. I don’t think they were actually called booties. They were boots designed for inclement weather. Actually, I bought him a few different ones to try but Ziggy hated having anything on him.

    BTW, just in case anyone was wondering about the incident with the rain slicker, I took it off right away when I saw how unhappy he was with it. I wasn’t trying to make him “cute,” I was trying to keep him from getting wet. The way he reacted was just funny because it was as if he was humiliated. Instead of freaking out or trying to get it off, he just put his head down and wouldn’t look at me. And yes, I know he wasn’t actually humiliated. It just seemed like such a human reaction!