Photo Assignment Day #4: Hot Fun In The Summah-time…

Photo Assignment Day #4 is here! Send us a photo of how your pet (or any animal) likes to stay cool in the summer. We might post them on this here very website. Now pass those Popsicles & turn up the tunes!

“We adopted Wally the Blue-Fronted Amazon Parrot when he was 23 years old and had had two previous owners. He will live well into his sixties and I have promised him a forever home!” –Kris B.



  1. elishab says:

    He is Gorgeous!! One lucky bird to have found you!
    Too cool by the pool…….I am SO jealous!

  2. Birdcage says:

    That is a beautiful and lucky amazon. As a parrot owner, I know what it’s like to be involved with a pet that may, by necessity, have more than one owner as a result of longevity. I live with some anxiety about what will happen to my bird when / if I’m unable to continue to care for him. It’s nice to know there are adoptive parents out there willing to provide a second / third home to these darlings!!!

  3. So gorgeous!!! I absolutely love parrots! they are such great companions! always by your side. I had a conure for 25 years… we did everything together, homework, housework, play time, he used to have a bath in the tupperware, we would ride the bike together, skate together, go to the shop together, sleep the siesta together, was the best friend I have ever had! So I am sure you’ll enjoy your friend and I hope you can do it for a long time!

  4. Saffron says:

    I call matchingks on everything in that photo! 🙂

    What a wonderful resqte story. Hugs to Kris B for adopting Wally. ❤
    That's a nice looking pool and it has been HOT here lately…would Kris B adopt me too? 😀

  5. Rachael says:

    I just love your story – it put a big ol’ smile on my face. My grandmother (who died in 1990) had a parrot named George. She was his second owner and she’d had him for as long as I could remember. I forgot all about him and at some point, I assumed he’d gone to meet his maker. About a year ago I was talking to one of my nieces and she mentioned George. Turns out it’s the same bird my grandmother had – the guy must be 60+ by now. Holy crap! 🙂

  6. Kudos to you for giving Wally a wonderful third home!

  7. Bless your niece’s heart for taking George! Not all pets are so lucky to have family members who will be able to take them after their hoomin passes away. And so people should plan for the future of their pets! I’m only [mumble mumble mumble] years old, but I have a will that will provide for my 10 cats, since I can not expect my family to be able to take in all of them…

  8. Wally looks like he is living a pretty nice life, lounging by the pool. And Yay for giving Wally his forever home. People don’t realize how long these guys live. One of my birdies (in my avatar) is a teenager. I figure he will be perched on my walker one day when I’m and old biddy.

  9. Awww so lovely!!! they get so attached to their carers is unreal! They are the best pets ever! I wish though they were all free in the forest… but I am sure being with caring people like you is definitely the next best thing!

  10. 🙂 lovely!!