Don’t Treadle on Me

I gather you want to work, but I don’t give a darn. Don’t needle me about my favorite spot; it’s tailor made for me. Hem and haw all you want, but I say “sew what?”

Via Alkula’s.


  1. OMG I love you NOMTOM. I have never posted that before, but I do.

  2. emmberrann says:

    Allein, there is a line of people who love NTMTOM, who are waiting for his coffee table book to be published, but who may form an Offishal NTMTOM Fan Club while we are waiting. *singing to the famous “Bye-Bye Birdie” tune* We love you, NTMTOM! Oh, yes, we do, and we will always be true to yoo-oo! When you’re not with us, we’re blue, oh,NTMTOM, We love you!

  3. I have posted it before, and I say it again: NOMTOM, I love you. :)

  4. Gosh, I remember mom’s manual Singer sewing machine. and our cat who also has those lines (I don’t know its breed) but is gray..and that old rug who’s shade is the same as the one in this pic…I might have just thought this pic was taken at home!

  5. My Mom staill has her manual Singer sewing machine as well, ifatimafaye :D

  6. 260Oakley says:

    Spare me your threadbare excuses. It would be unseamly to disturb the kitteh.

  7. *GROAN* I get the “needlepoint”, 260Oakley :D

  8. Lewis n' Clark says:

    Now you’re just knit-picking.

  9. 4leafclover says:

    The knitty gritty of it is
    this kitty won’t move
    because it’s crochety.

  10. lisaLASSIE says:

    Your cleverness had me in stitches.

  11. 4leafclover says:

    What a notion!

  12. To move him would be crewel.

  13. Sew it seams.

  14. 260Oakley says:

    Patriotic Kitteh says: Don’t Treadle On Me.

  15. 260Oakley says:

    The pun so nice, we made it twice. D’Oh!
    (slaps forehead repeatedly)

  16. GMTA!

  17. SlaveToCat says:

    That kitty is a famous backyard fence Opera Singer.

  18. Theresa says:

    One on t’cross beam’s gone owt askew on treadle. :P

  19. I didn’t expect a kind of Spanish Inquisition!

  20. :lol:

  21. Cut it out you guys ! I’m laughing so hard it hurts !

  22. “No more twist!”

  23. Yay! I love Beatrix Potter!

  24. Kitty is into “haute cature”.

  25. Rachael says:

    I can’t even begin to compete so I will just say “bravo” to all our resident punners. Nice job, guys.

  26. Around here those punsters will really give you a pun for your money!

  27. 6rabbits says:

    What Rachel said!

  28. emmberrann says:

    Stop it, youguys, my sides are hurting!

  29. emmberrann as a side stitch ;-)

  30. lisaLASSIE says:

    Still, it’s a cute putie-tat


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