Welcome to Kitty Mart 2, “The Rescute”

CO Peeps, my post about Convenience Store Kitties led me to a rescue story. Now, cats are known for thinking they can take care of themselves but, luckily, we know better don’t we? Yes we do, just as long as you let them think it was their idea. And so, a very kind peep decided to take care of the Convenience Store Kitty you will see in this absolutely adorbs video: (passes around tissues in advance)

Fave Frame:




  1. Anna/minigoth says:

    I’m crying so hard over here, how beautiful!

  2. KittyMarthaPoo says:

    That was sad but beautiful.,

  3. A happy ending for one kitty!

  4. Awwww, that was wonderful! Thanks for sharing. All you need is determination and love for these homeless critters.

  5. tenshihitomi says:

    Darn onions…::sniffle:: Bless whoever took this baby into his/her home!

  6. I wish you had picked another Fave Frame though, one from the good days, such as the one where he touches noses with another kitty.

  7. So windy and sandy here today! *sniff sniff*
    Whatever you do, don’t click on his/her blog link for more pictures of res-kyoot kitties – don’t do it, I tell ya!

  8. Evil Rescue People .. Not only did they remove that poor cat from his store, fixed his poor neck, but now there are thousands of people crying over it .. oh wait .. that was suppose to happen ..

    NEVER MIND !! (*Grins* – Bless the Rescue Humies)

  9. Coffee Cup says:

    I’m sniffling over here! I’m on vacation and couldn’t take the kitteh. I miss him even more now!

  10. I had a fold-eared cat with almost identical markings a long time ago. Turned out he was one of those cats who adopts every family on the street, and one day he decided he liked one of his other homes better.

  11. Except for the folded ears, he looks like my Cletus, who was a rescute from my backyard. Who is now the love of my life, my little man, who sleeps with his head on my pillow next to me. [sniff sniff..]

  12. lds7yrs says:

    Awww. Now I need ANOTHER tissue, please.

  13. rescue gal says:

    Exactly why I do what I do. And bless this human on the other side of the world- and rescuers everywhere.

  14. AWW 😀 I am crying tears of joy hearing that, ceejoe 😀 I hope you have many long and happy years with Cletus 😀

  15. I second your blessings, rescue gal to you and those rescuers 😀

  16. Shh shh, don’t tell, but I’m hoping my buddy next door, Marley, adopts me as his forever human. I already feed and play with him every day and in the winter, he prefers my warm bed.

  17. Jonathan A says:

    Me too.

  18. SuperSappySally says:

    Can we get a translation? I didn’t understand what the kitty said, it was in Japanese I think. I only speak English Amuricann!

  19. If anyone’s wondering about the hovertext, it’s katakana and hiragana for “ki-ti-maa-to he you-ko-so.” It roughly means, “Kitty Mart welcomes you!”

  20. Note: Katakana is the Japanese rendering of foreign words, while hiragana is used for native Japanese terms. They also use a bunch of Chinese characters called kanji. Very difficult language to learn to read and write!

  21. well done

  22. 6rabbits says:

    Or where he’s laying back all comfortabuhls in his new home. I love rescue stories!

  23. d´awwwwwwwwwwww! 🙂