Surfin’ USA (With Puppehs)

The waves were breakin’ just right for the the Eighth Annual Loews Coronado Bay Surf Dog Competition sponsored by Unleashed by Petco. For the second year in a row the event benefited the ASPCA. Here’s how the late June event looked- VIPs (Very Important Puppehs) included the one and only Tillman the skateboarding bulldog!

HooplaHa gets the credito.



  1. And then Moon Doggy and Gidget played Beach Blanket Bingo!

  2. Hangin’ Toebeans!

  3. Hey, of course they surf better than humans cause they have four legs to balance on, not just 2! 😉

  4. This was remarkable – I can’t even SWIM, much less surf! (Deprived childhood, dontcha know? Only lived in Central Florida, across the street from a lake, for 8 years, MANY years ago.) Be sure to watch the other video after this one, about BeBe the wheelchair Chihuahua–cutest little puppeh you will ever see!

  5. Meerkat says:

    they missed a trick with the moosik – where were the Beach Boys?! Love the cool way some of the doggehs cruised right on to the beach still on the surf board …