Welcome to Kitty Mart

“In Japan, Twitter users are snapping photos of cats spotted in and around convenience stores. It’s more common than you’d think. And surprisingly, these kitties are mostly left to their own devices. The takeaway? There’s just something about … convenience stores.”

Well, this isn’t convenient, at all.












“…Or maybe Japanese cats are lurking around trying to snag a good deal.” –Mashable



  1. i left a penny. cuz i think he was just foolin’ about the take-a-penny part.

  2. Why doesn’t MY 7-Eleven have an outdoor kitty dispenser? *pout*

  3. Coffee Cup says:

    Clerk kitteh sez, “exact change, please.”

  4. loribelle says:

    I’ll leave a penny if I can take a kitteh…

  5. rescue gal says:

    I love that the Japanese are clearly more tolerant of the fur babies. They don’t deem them health hazards or nuisances, but include them.

  6. 260Oakley says:

    Welcome to K-Mart, Tokyo style. Don’t forget to check out today’s Maru-light special.

  7. loribelle says:

    It’s a box!

  8. Many many years ago, when I lived in the Silicon Valley area of California, my favorite used book store had Ernie, the store kitty.

    The story was the he just wandered in off the street one day and decided to make the store his home.

    You’d be browsing for a book, and suddenly here’s a grey kitty rubbing against your ankles and asking to be petted. How could you resist?

  9. And they’re probably healthier for it.

  10. I raised all 5 of my kids in my studio/ gallery plus I had their mom & our now gone original boy Smuge. They were the greeters , sales staff, assistant teachers & security (Smuge & Stoneware could not be kept out of any purse that came through the door). Yes I lost a few pieces when they were in the awkward kitten stage but they grew out of it & I never had to clean up broken pottery again.
    You know what ? It was worth every broken piece to have cats around and all the students loved every cat according to the gifts & treats they brought them. If I ever open another gallery I will have cats in that one too. I can always remake anything they break.

  11. Smartypants says:

    These are awesome! Each one is cuter than the last. I esp. like # 3 (the huge fluffy one holding down the stack of papers – perhaps he’s the bookkeeper?)

    We have 2 local businesses with cats – our garden center has one named Marshmallow (he’s all black…) and the yarn store has a big tiger named Mr. Ripley (successor to Mr. Boots, who ran the place for about 20 years). They both add so much!

  12. Leilani says:

    I have a yen for one of those kitties!

  13. Leilani says:

    Yeah. It’s SO unfair!

  14. And maybe that kitteh will scratch anyone who tries to buy those horrible cigarettes. Good kitteh, she is.

  15. SlaveToCat says:

    Take a Penny and leave a Penny and…..
    You are going to pay for the block of tofu you stuck under your shirt, aren’t you!

  16. Arielle says:

    I live in New York, and basically every bodega has a cat or two, presumably to get rid of mice. However, my corner bodega’s cat is spherical, so I doubt she’s that effective…

  17. Nobody better even think about taking MY Penny!
    /Penny says, Dang right!

  18. Love #3, looks like my big floofy boy.

  19. fleurdamour says:

    They stopped in for the convenience sushi.

  20. SlaveToCat says:

    Kitties on a budget go for the day old sushi.

  21. I would gently pick up the kitty off the bottle shelf and ask if he/she is for sale 😀 I would also do the same for the kitty in the shelf 😀 If they are both strays, I would just take them home with me 😀

  22. If there were adorable stray kitties in all the stores around here, I’d have SO many cats

  23. murkle46 says:

    I wonder if they have deals like Dr. Sheldon Cooper’s “Cat $20”?Heres your cat.And heres your twenty dollars.

  24. Psychethos says:

    How do you think she got spherical in the first place? The kitty we had as a kid was pretty much spherical, despite all of our (and the vet’s) efforts to get her to slim down. She was just too good of at feeding herself, judging by the mouse heads on our doorstep pretty much every morning.

  25. Sasha's Mum says:

    I laughed at the “no cats allowed” sign on the door in the first pic. I can just picture Ms kitteh thinking “Ha! I laugh in the fact of your ineffectual sign! *phffft!*”

  26. Totally!

  27. i would definitely buy more at a store that hires cats.

  28. maureenc says:

    For real kitty lovers: visit the cat cafes in Tokyo.So cool!