RIP To Doug Engelbart

The inventor of the computer mouse has passed away.

Encore Presentayshe of Snickerdoodle from Teajay.



  1. He was much, much more than just the inventor of the computer mouse. He had a part in almost every development that lead to computers and the internet as we know them today.

  2. well, just about everything about guis: the mouse, the mouse-driven cursor, the menu, the window, the click. it’s the same as if he’d invented somewhere to go and how to get there at the same time. and those guys who stole it from him and blamed each other for stealing it from each other got all the glory.

    besides. “englebart.” am i right?

  3. RIP, Dr. Englebart. You were a world changer!!

  4. bob drummond says:

    Dr.Englebart, you helped to make life easier for all of us Web Browsers !!! Thank you and R.I.P. !!!