Got some NEW MARU zoomin’ in from the Land O’ Japan. Mugumogu pushed this one live literally like 4 minutes ago.



  1. Coffee Cup says:

    I love the noise his paws make on the floor as he skitters by the toy. Perfect!

  2. Attack, retreat, repeat >:3

  3. I think Maru’s lost a little weight. He’s looking a little less maru-i. 🙂 (Maru-i would be round as an adjective in Japanese, if I remember correctly.)

  4. Shelley says:

    Maru has got such talent, he’s got me glued to the screen every time.

  5. Not even a tiny dust bunny under the sofa Mugumogu? You make all the rest of us look like slobs. You’re lucky we love you for sharing Maru with us. 😆

  6. I noticed that a few days ago too, in the post with him rubbing on the cat food can. Hope that he’s ok!

  7. Was just going to say the same thing.. I know that she’s just moved into this place, but geesh! Maybe Maru doubles as the Swiffer in this house?

  8. Oh, the immediate mental image of Maru on a Roomba (shark costume optional…)!

  9. Maru, I love you!

  10. Personally, I was completely mesmerised by the plush spotless white carpet. Maru, who’s Maru?

  11. I’m wondering about the cow in the background.

  12. she’s definitely using Maru as the Roomba!

  13. buffy summers says:

    there is video of him interacting with that cow…i’m too lazy to post link 😦

  14. I loved watching when Maru was excited by the toy but went in the OPPOSITE direction from attacking it — like, OH TOY DIVE IN THE OTHER DIRECTION! What a cat!

  15. phred's mom says:

    Mugumogo should start a blog on housekeeping,
    in addition to Maru. This white carpet has brought
    me to tears of self-reproach. I feel so inadequate.

  16. I iz intrigued about the cow…..

  17. Neat cow. Even neater kitty – Oh how I love you, Maru!

  18. luvstehQte says:

    OK i was totally mesmerized by that cow too! i’m also totally digging that armchair and also wishing that my house was so spotlessly hair-free (by some magical means, of course, not by me cleaning it).

  19. This may be my favorite Maru vid yet. That fat butt scurrying away! And the face! How much wider could his face be??? None. None wider.

  20. MARU, I be humming “you’ve got me under your spell ”
    COW!!!! want one, where get please 😦

  21. Same here 😀