Would You Like to Supersize That?

Today we are offering our Toesday super special deluxe mouth watering double stuft sugar glazed McToebean Tots!

“I would like to share this incredibly cute pic of 9 weeks old Django, sleeping on my pillow. Greetings from Germany.” -Veronika



  1. JenDeyan says:

    I’ll take an order of super special deluxe mouth watering double stuft sugar glazed McToebean Tots. *pops in mouf* Mmm. Mmm. Good!

  2. orcgirl says:

    I love it when you can see the tabby stripes on black kitties!

  3. Now you have to go buy all the Django Reinhardt CD’s you can find for your kitteh to listen to.

  4. Tony James says:

    Um. I checked the small print. It says quite categorically that this is Toe-fur Toesday, so rather than supersizing my order I’d like to have toe-fur-the-price-of-one. Please.

  5. He looks about 56.8% toe beans in that pic!

  6. 260Oakley says:

    I’m a vegetarian, so make mine Toe-fu, please!

  7. MinglesMommy says:

    He’s so precious!

  8. Tony James says:

    Is toe-fu the technical name for whappy-paws?

  9. CoffeeCup says:

    The D is silent.

  10. schönen schlafenden Kätzchen!

  11. 260Oakley says:

    Indeed, it is. Not to be confused with Tongue-Fu, the art of self-cleaning.

  12. I beg to differ. I most definitely hear some purring going on there. 🙂

  13. Patrick says:

    You have clearly forgotten that is now clearly Djangos pillow.

  14. Janet in Cambridge says:

    Toe beans are calorie free and high in antioxidants. Also, they reduce blood pressure by 25 points immediately!

  15. I was just about to tell Veronika that I hoped she never expected to sleep on that pillow again. Possession is 9/10ths of the law.

  16. Rachael says:

    But the Squee is not. 🙂

  17. Theresa says:


  18. Theresa says:

    Also, these are clearly licorice, which is a vasodilator.

  19. Hey it’s kittehs we’re talkin’ about here. I’d say possession is more 11/10ths etc….

  20. Glossy!

  21. Tony James says:

    Ssssssh – kitteh’s asleep.

  22. 6rabbits says:

    Totally free for cat-sitting duty if you ever go on a trip

  23. 6rabbits says:

    , Veronika! 🙂 Don’t let the fact that I live in Indiana bother you!
    *smooch* to each leetle toe-bean!!

  24. Black toe bean taste like licorice!

  25. Lucy's mommeh says:

    I loved that my husband knew what i meant when I was talking about cat toe beans. He said it just made sense.

  26. Clairdelune says:

    Django is adorable, his toebeans are adorable, his soft, silky fur is adorable, his nose is adorable… siggghhh. *gently squeezes toebeans , smooches nose*

  27. victoreia says:

    I’ll take them all!

  28. AWW 😀 I hope you have many long and happy years with your 9 weeks old Django, Veronika 😀