All Aboard Ye Salty Dogs

And, pampered pooches! If you’re willing to splash out a coff-little-coff green, Pet Cruise in Singapore will buoy your pets’ love of the sea, and maybe the poop deck too.

As seen on The Telegraph


  1. Love the strap-handle on the goggie flotation device. The K-Mart ad would say,”Convenient!”

  2. Reminds me of the time when my parent’s Newfoundland dog “fell off the boat” and then resisted all rescue attempts.

  3. A strap-handle for my parents’ Newfie’s flotation device would have been useless; she was like 150 pounds. They couldn’t find a life jacket big enough for her anyway. But Newfies ARE flotation devices in and of themselves.

  4. “Seasick? Me? No, no, of course not. By the way, my name’s RALPH…”


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