Caution: Extreme Cuteness Ahead

This video contains extremely cute chimp-on-tiger-on-wolf action, which may cause temporary PBS (pudding-brain syndrome). After viewing this video, do not operate heavy machinery, perform delicate surgery or double-entry bookkeeping, or write teen vampire fiction.

FaveFrame™ of HAPPINESS!

Via JoeExoticTV.



  1. DanielT says:


  2. 260Oakley says:

    On the contrary, this is very useful material for my series about adolescent animal vampires. I’m calling it “True Buds.”

  3. I’d like to endorse the “do not write teen vampire fiction” dictate, at ALL times, please. Really, I think there is more than enough!
    On another note, bebeh tiger growling at about 1:00!! omg!!

  4. bluebird says:

    Wolf pup biting leash, then nomming chimp’s arm. Oh, yeah.

  5. Ha! I was about to say something about not writing teen vampire fiction at any time, too, lol!

  6. And then rolling over for belly rubs. *squeeee!*

  7. My complete devotion to the squee is overtaken by my unhappiness about people keeping exotic animals as pets. So cute when they’re babies, but who looks after these guys when they grow up?

  8. stunbunny says:

    What I want to know is… will PBS be covered by the Affordable Care Act? ‘Cause I don’t have insurance and can’t afford to be sidelined by this debilitating, albeit adorable, affliction.

  9. I was going to say that I thought PBS was a requirement for writing TVF.

  10. I would be reacting exactly like that chimp if I saw that baby white tiger cub.

  11. According to the about page on the youtube channel, they aren’t pets, it’s an animal sanctuary:
    “Get ready for your everyday adventure! We are the worlds only IPTV station broadcasting daily from one of the largest animal sanctuaries in the United States. Our mission is to preserve and protect exotic animals through education that is fun and informative.”

  12. murkle46 says:

    I agree.

  13. rescue gal says:

    These are not pets- this is a zoo.

  14. Yea, I read-up on the fellow involved and he is an education zoo keeper and works with people that home exotic animals (rolls eyes). The zoo has an accreditation of some kind. He seems to be doing good but I have a concern…

    In my opinion, by making these animals accessible in a petting zoo environment, we are encouraging the desire for them as pets BECAUSE they are not being seen in as natural an environment as possible AND humans are being given personal contact with them. This is no where near the true reality of these creatures and their needs and it sends a very dangerous and subtle message…

    In effect, we are saying “don’t do what I am doing.” As parents, we know this kind of education always fails. The #1 message, in my opinion, that we should explicitly say and show through our behavior implicitly is, “This beautiful animal will only thrive AWAY from humans. Love them enough to leave them alone.”

  15. Chimpeh, chompeh, puppeh, kitteh.

  16. I thought the same thing: “Yeah, I’d pull that baby tiger over and give it a hug, too!”

  17. What does it mean to thrive? If an animal is well cared-for, what’s the problem? Especially when raised from birth; it’s not as if they’re capturing wild, adult animals and confining them. You’re projecting upon and anthropomorphizing these animals.

    As for the “encouraging people to want them as pets” thing: don’t worry about it. People will do what they want. Don’t worry about trying to control others. Make truth available and let people make their own choices.

  18. Furbabies says:

    Definitely suffering from PBS! I loved the part where chimpy pulled the white tiger over to give hugs! *awww melt*

  19. People do tend to do what they want. Problem is, people didn’t evolve to conceptualize the sort of impact we are now able to have on other species and the planet as a whole. For most of our history we existed in moderate-sized troops totaling under 1/2 billion. Bushmeat, ivory-acquisition, trap-netting, the pet trade etc. have a much different impact with contemporary technology and populations. This is why science and government are necessary to curb individuals’ actions for the sake of the commons/future generations/resources/environment/ethical obligation to other life, however you see it.

    ‘Nuffy disclaimers aside, this is wildly adorable. Isn’t it magical that we can play across species? Love that evolution created joy.

  20. zosterops says:

    thanks jnyjny, my sentiment exactly

  21. I feel like that chimp is
    Locked into every cat/puppy owners dilemma.
    “so Cute omg, okay ow ow my arm, awww so cute there ya ow nail, so fluffy!”

  22. Around 01:30 the kiss on the paw pad just keeeled me. *thud* *dieshappy* 😀

  23. Hmmmm… [CHEW CHEW CHEW] …poignant, interesting, thoughtful… [CHEW CHEW CHEW] yes, a little too serious [CHEW CHEW] AHHHH! A sweet aftertaste… Oh alright, but just this once!

    (Moderator in-jokes are my favorite!)

  24. Hehehehe. Fair enough : )

  25. Also, I might add that I strongly suspect that Sharpy’s thought process is PRECISELY what women think when they encounter me.

  26. kodalai says:

    Even chimps can’t resist the urge to nom toebeans.