From The Cute Farmers Almanac

With the coming of summer, your kitten seedlings should be large enough to transplant. The tuxedo variety requires an especially large amount of space, and should be moved into a pot with at least six cubic feet of soil, plus jingle ball and rubber mouse.

Via Beckie.



  1. they’re growin’ like squeeds

  2. Alice Shortcake says:

    You should see the size of the mustaches on the fully-grown specimens!

  3. JenDeyan says:

    If I could grow kittens, you’d see me on that Hoarders TV show.

  4. SlaveToCat says:

    Kitten Seedlings like dry sandy soil. Whatever you do, do not over water them, Or you’ll be sorry.

  5. Remember to regularly trim those thorny pointy bits for safe handling (with proper gloves and equipment).

  6. Awww he is oh so handsome.. Also remember to add generous amounts of tuna fertalizer… And catnip tea.

  7. Uh oh, now I know. I’ve been doing it completely wrong the whole time…

  8. I understand that you should plant them with catnip as a companion herb…

  9. I have those stacking planters. No.kittehs in them, though.

  10. Clairdelune says:

    He is practicing his baleful glare to intimidate any dog or cat that would dare invade his territory…

  11. But make sure to avoid any and all bulb flowers, especially lilies, to ensure their livelihood!

  12. Margaux says:

    He has a mustache like my tuxedo cat!!

  13. Oh goodness…the look on that Kitty’s face is priceless….he looks so crabby…ha ha….’get off my lawn’…….

  14. Plant catnip in them, Theresa, and you will have lots and lots of kitties showing up 😀

  15. Hitler kitteh

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