Red, White, And Baroo

Send us your Red, White, And Baroo-themed photo! We could post it on the Fourth of July for our Red, White, And Baroo celebrashe! Just send it in from now ’til noon PT on July 3rd. (If you could put BAROO in the subject line, it would be apreesh.)

We’d love the photo to have a Baroo IN it, but those are hard to capture, let’s face it. So just make sure it’s got July 4th colors. OK? We’re good?

BAROO [BAH-ROO] (noun) A common animal look expressing: “Whut the…?” Frequently accompanied by a head tilt and/or wrinkled brow.

Concept by Courtney S. of Hazard, Ky. Image of Princess from Julie H.



  1. how is this a living creature and not a stuffed animal? i mean, the expression, the nose, the curls, the floppy ears…!!!

  2. And a bonus paws-up!

  3. Such a cute, if sligthly puzzled, little patriot! 🙂

  4. Princess is the perfect name for such a cute dog.

  5. Princess is a sweetie!!! She’s my dog-niece. 😉