Flashback Friday

We’re going back in time! Get it? Going sooo slow that we’re going back-, and it’s Flashback Fri-, and … yeah!

Circa 1960s. Credit Unknown.



  1. Somewhere in the family photo album is a pic with me like that (minus the stick with food) in the mid ’60’s. If I remember correctly from the look on my face I wasn’t too happy about it . I do remember preferring to feed them something leafy & green because they smiled when I did that. That’s why I liked “turtles” as a kid. ( Yes, I know NOW that’s not a turtle but hey at 4 yrs . old when they tell you it’s a turtle it’s a turtle.)

  2. Janet in Cambridge says:

    OMG. Pictures from the 60s are starting to look like pictures from the 1900s!

  3. My thought exactly. I’m starting to think age isn’t ‘just a number’ after all.

  4. Seriously. I’m pretty sure we had color film in the 60’s, didn’t we?

  5. I refuse to hear/see or agree with either of those two comments ( LOL!)
    (Said while sticking my fingers in my ears saying LA LA LA LA LA !!!!!)

  6. Yeah, I don’t remember that outfit in the 60’s, I would have guessed 50’s instead. But, come to think of it, there’s that photo of “John John” Kennedy at his father’s funeral, wearing a coat and short pants like that in 1963. Can’t argue with that.

  7. Yeah, there’s an early-60s picture of me on the tortoise at the San Diego Zoo floating around somewhere, too. They had at least a couple in the Children’s Zoo area that you could pet, feed and ride.

    They also had, at one time, a mother and baby orangutan in one of those deep-pit enclosures. One of the kids (not me, I never had hair longer than about 3″) dropped her braid down into it, and the baby orang grabbed ahold and swung back and forth on it for a while. Nobody official seemed to notice, and she pulled the braid back up when the hominid kid let go, so no harm done…

  8. 6rabbits says:


  9. If this picture were about a hundred years older, I would suspect this would be Theodore Roosevelt before he graduated to moose.

  10. I rode the big tortoise at Knotts Berry Farm in the mid 60s.