Despite What U May Have Heard….

Not ALL us ducks like water. Now will you PLEASE open the door?

A Reddit commenter wrote, “I found a duck that doesn’t like rain. He pecked at the door for over an hour wanting to come in!”


  1. Theresa says:


  2. Lucy's Mommeh says:

    The question is, why the duck did you wait so long to let him in?

  3. good one!

  4. SlaveToCat says:

    Mrs. Duck says, “Hey Mr. Cheapskate. I’m moving next door. Your neighbors have hot and cold running sprinklers.”

  5. Rachael says:

    An hour? You made him wait a whole hour?????

  6. Fird Birfle says:

    poor guy. He def does NOT look heppeh. Now I haz a sad. :(

  7. michelleconnor17 says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who would have let him in.

  8. Catwhisperer says:

    Come to MY house, Mrs. McQuackerson. The door is always open.

  9. There’s a bunch of geese and ducks that hang out near my work, sometimes they’ll come over and *peck*peck*peck!!* on the windows like this guy. I think they see their reflection and are trying to play with a new friend :D

  10. Yeah, as a boo (boid/bird) owner myself, this little guy probably was making out/saying hi to his reflection. Male boos especially love this, much to my annoyance my baby boy will play with his reflection for over an hour! I like how lady duck is the background has her back turned, clearly she is displeased over this sort of behavior from her date!

  11. I was in an important meeting and several duck came up to the window and acted like they were listening to the judge and when he finished they all walked away I hardy could keep myself from laughing

  12. SocalGirlie75 says:

    That is so great, I don’t know how you didn’t keep from laughing :)

  13. Yes, we all want to know why this poor guy was not let in? I’m sad about it too. So….was he ever actually let in?

  14. meowmiao says:

    Somebody once mentioned that a duck’s bill looks like a dog’s face when seen head on and now I can never unsee it. (Not that I mind…two cutes in one!)

  15. Omg, it does! A little yellow lab

  16. I wil never not see it again!

  17. You sure it wasnt a door to door salesmen for AFLAC….?

    That sounded funny in my head…

  18. IT sounded funny on here too

  19. Smartypants says:

    Good one, Alissa – I didn’t even see the one in the background. She’s all like “Hmph, that’s the last time I go on a blind date!”

  20. HE is all Hello… Hello… IS anybody home.. Hey I see you in There! LOL Home owner is cowering behind the couch!

  21. Three words- Bingo Players’ video. “Get Up” (ok, so that’s five words total…) Warning- depictions of extreme anatine violence. No actual hoodlums were harmed in the making of the vid.

  22. Jenny Islander says:

    Don’t let him in! He will never stop bugging you for grapes.


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