Presenting The FurCleaner 2000 (Beta)

This model still has a few bugs to work out–sometimes it sticks. Maybe wait for v2.0?



  1. I can’t decide what was more mesmerizing – the long tongue hanging out or her emerald eyes. Oooooh…

  2. All together, though eyes are really amazing.

  3. Poofster says:

    I barely noticed that tongue. . .I was too busy staring into those amazingly beautiful green eyes! Who cares if she doesn’t remember her tongue when she has eyes like that!

  4. annette says:

    OK, so it wasn’t just me. I’ve seen my own cats forget their tongues are hanging out from time to time (maybe not so far out, though), but oh my gosh — those eyes are amazing!

  5. it’s the little “i hope nobody thought that was unintentional” gulp at the end that wins

  6. sabrina rose says:

    My thoughts perzackly! Very very rare perfection of emerald eyes.

  7. Wow, the most beautiful eyes! So cute!

  8. Those eyes are just so unreal!

  9. rescue gal says:

    I love when my babies do that- but they do not have those stunning green eyes!!

  10. Tongue, you say?
    What tongue?

  11. Kitteh isn’t forgetting to put the tongue back… Kitteh is giving the photog the raspberries.. 🙂

  12. 😆 I thought so too, Sue 😆

  13. I’m with all of you, those eyes might be the most stunning pair I’ve ever seen. Top 5 easily… actually they might be my number 1 now. Wow!

  14. Muh thung ith thuck …

  15. I’m with you guys, Yeah the tongue is cute but those eyes….

  16. victoreia says:


  17. Someone get this cat a modeling contract stat!

    Those eyes… I think it’s a Russian Blue:

  18. Whenever I see my kitteh forgetting to put his tongue back in after bathing I cannot help myself but give it a gentle poke. Is that weird?

  19. Those eyes had me, they are so beautiful.

  20. Only if “weird” means “the only logical thing to do in that situation” (cause I do it too!)

  21. What a beautiful kitty! …. WANT!

  22. yep – me too! I actually had to watch this video twice to see the tongue hanging out because the first time through I was being hypnotized by the eyes… >^o.o^<

  23. I think that EVERY human does that to their cat.. I always say “Human’s got your tongue!”

  24. Contacts. Those *have* to be contacts. 😉

  25. Sharon Wilson says:

    I love how the kitteh’s all “What?”

  26. Grey, emerald green and pink- tres chic!

  27. That’s a “What? Is there something on my face?” look if I ever saw one.

  28. Oh my gosh, my cat does that all the time! I walked in on him like that once and I was seriously worried something was wrong with him! :O

  29. Patricia Herbert says:

    Did you know “raspberry” is actually Cockney rhyming slang? The full phrase (which is supposed to rhyme with what you ACTUALLY mean) is “raspberry tart”… Get it?