Dog-Sitting With Maymo

Maymo decides to take Penny The Puppeh to the park, so they can both enjoy a bit of a romp.

Get mo Maymo here.



  1. sabrina rose says:

    My my Maymo, what a very well trained and loving doggy you are!! You and Penny get to have lots of fun!

  2. The wagging tailio at the end slayed me. What a couple of cutie-patooties!

  3. loribelle says:

    I loved how there looked like there would be moments of danger here, of a resentful Maymo (like a surly big sibling) driving the puppeh into a wall, pushing the cart down the stairs, or leaving it on the RR tracks (Perils of Pupline).

  4. 4leafclover says:

    Ahhh!! Funniest video ever!! And how far away was that park anyway?! Jeez Louise!

  5. Love that Maymo’s tail wags throughout the video! What a big saw-weetie!

  6. I was waiting for the sequence where Maymo Von Trapp pushed Penny Von Trapp over the Alps in a shopping art…but it never came 😦

  7. Well they did have to go down the street and over the train tracks and then take a boat at one point…..must be next door. 😀

  8. Wow, they must love that park. I would suggest Maymo find an alternate route to those railroad tracks though – that had me a bit nervous for a moment (and you know it can’t be easy pushing the cart through).

  9. Theresa says:


  10. I don’t know what was harder to believe: that Maymo is pushing that cart, or that Penny is staying *in* the cart!

  11. woofiesma says:

    Where in the heck is this park? A day at the park is actually a day traveling to and from. And, yes, where is the sequence with Maymo getting fed up and dumping Penny? I love this – can’t stop watching!

  12. Rachael says:

    And this, peeps, is exactly why the interwebz was invented. 🙂

  13. BEST. VIDEO. EVER. I can never get enough of that silly pup, or his humans funny filmmaking

  14. lisaLASSIE says:

    I could here the collective “oh noooooes” from nervous nellie COers when pupsters approached the top of the steps.

  15. Mikeyfur says:


  16. I am in LOVE! Such a fun little video!

  17. Moonstar says:

    Ok, I’ve been coming to this site pretty much since it’s inception, and have seen a lot of super cute things. This has GOT to be one of the CUTEST things I have ever seen! Loved every second of it!

  18. I want a big brother just like Maymo.

  19. so much awesome!

  20. Yeah, even as part of a joke, I’m not sure walking on railroad tracks was appropriate. I’d have stuck to settings that couldn’t easily get a person in the same situation killed.

  21. Count me among the nervous nellies. But as soon as I saw them at the bottom of the front steps, I realized that someone with opposable thumbs was stepping in to help the doggies over the parts they couldn’t handle themselves.

  22. Another one from the Totally Utterly Redonkulous Parallel CO Universe. 🙂

  23. KittyMarthaPoo says:

    I know. Maymo’s people are rock stars. That was awesome. I could watch this all day long.