Ultimate Momo ResQte + UPDATE!

8562869Calgary and Southern Alberta were struck hard by flooding last week. Cuteporter Leah H. fills us in on the story of Momo. “The small town of High River was particularly hard-hit. Kevan Yeats tried to escape in his truck with his cat, Momo. The flood waters overtook the truck and they had to swim for it.”





All pix by Jordan Verlage-Canadian Press.



  1. canadianmary says:

    Wow, so wonderful; brave kitty and fellow…so glad that they both made it safely!

  2. The kitty looks like he’s reaching for the guy in waders like, “Save me! The guy threw me in the water!”

  3. Hurray for Momo! If that were me, I would sadly have been washed away since I’m not a good swimmer and Momo would have to come and rescue me.

  4. Oh! I saw this on the news a few days ago. Someone posted that Ms. Momo (i assume kitteh’s a she) actually likes water very much and her human fills up the bathtub so she can paddle around and have fun. Not that she had a fun time here! But at least she knew how to swim and didn’t freeze up into a ball of pffftPFFTT!!!

  5. I’m so glad they’re both okay! 🙂

  6. wuyizidi says:

    Love this part of the article:

    “…it appears Momo — who is believed to be part Maine Coon — may have developed a distinctive swimming style. Lori Yeats said her son noticed his cat was ‘using her tail like an alligator does’ during their watery escape.”

  7. rescue gal says:

    A good human looking out for his fur friend! My heart is warmed.

  8. RoadRunner says:

    She was fine after a day or so. Being a marvelous cat, she doesn’t understand what all the fuss is about.

  9. 4leafclover says:

    What?! That is too awesome!! I need to see that!
    P.S. So glad guy and cat are ok.

  10. Janet in Cambridge says:

    I saw the picture of them in the water a few days ago and hoped that the story ended well for both of them. I’m so glad to hear the story did have a happy ending. Hugs to both of you.

  11. CoffeeCup says:

    Hurray for Kevan and Momo! Hope they can get back to normal life soon. What a story. At first I thought he’d carry Momo on his shoulders as he swam but it looks like Momo is a great swimmer!

  12. Our dog likes to wade, but is a terified swimmer. We tried to take him for a swim at the beach and came out with what looked like a broken tail. Our vet said that dogs also use their tails, back and forth, when they swim. Our dog is such a frightened swimmer, he sprained his tail swimming after us! After several days his tail stopped drooping and went back to normal.

  13. MinglesMommy says:

    I read somewhere that Momo is actually an avid swimmer who loves to practice in the bathtub. My cats would have just held on to me with their claws for dear life!

  14. Momo and his human have become famous here in Alberta. The reason Kevan became trapped in the floodwaters is because he went back home just to rescue his Momo.

  15. Well, that tells me all I need to know about this young man’s character. I’m so glad the both made it to safety.

  16. “they” both made it to safety. sheesh! 🙂

  17. awww! the look on momo’s face is FIERCE when she’s swimming.

  18. The Calgary Zoo reported today that two hippos almost escaped during the flood… The thought of hippos in the Bow River is so amazing I almost wish it had happened (emphasis on “almost”).

  19. The cat jumped out by herself and Kevan swam after her.


  21. Jeesh, another cute man of CO for the calendar. Where will we put them all?

  22. I am *sooo* happy Kevan and Momo are safe.
    And I have to add, a swimming cat is one of the cutest/funniest things I’ve seen.

  23. jlamusings says:

    Ooo! Do you know the lovely Momo and hoomin? 🙂 So glad she (and hoomin) are fine! I lurve me some brown tabbies. They always seem to be very strong purrsonalities (though I can’t imagine any of mine swimming). And my bff’s nickname is Momo so I forwarded this story on to her too- woot!

  24. jlamusings says:

    Here here!

  25. jlamusings says:

    Oh wait…or is it “Hear, hear!” oops. *hangs head in shame as a writing teacher*

  26. Momo is a great name. Sounds like he either named her after Michael Ende’s heroine, or after the Japanese word for “peach”. Either way, I’m glad they escaped.

  27. one cranky lady says:

    Is this a real thing yet? Because I have money ready to hand over!

  28. wuyizidi says:

    Here’s a xlarge picture of Momo:

    The strippy pattern on his (?) face look like Wolverine’s sideburns. A very fierce looking cat indeed.

  29. phred's mom says:

    Let’s add more months! These guys deserve
    their pages. We could make each month
    just twenty days, or, if we’re lucky, even ten!!!

  30. I saw those pictures in “The Vancouver Sun” June 14, 2013 Edition out here in Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada! I am so glad to hear that Kevan Yeats and his dear sweet kitty,Momo, are both okay!

  31. yes! i’m moving to Canada…didn’t know there were such cuties up there…

  32. From the sound of the news story, this was actually a *really* close shave! He had to exit the rear window as the passenger windows became sealed. Jeez.

  33. I meant the June 21, 2013 Edition of “The Vancouver Sun”. I had been worried about relatives living in Alberta and they are all okay as they don’t live in those areas affected by that horrible flooding.

  34. Whoever took the photos of Kevan and Momo needed to PUT DOWN THEIR FRICKIN’ CAMERA AND HELP THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. So happy Momo and hoomin are fine. Hoping insurance helps with the truck!

  36. Momo looks so focused while she swims!! I bet they were cold! Now dry, warm and fuzzy again–the latter applies to Momo only hehe!

    So glad both are safe and I love a hoomin who loves his kitteh this much!!

  37. Coffee Cup says:

    To be fair, most emergency responders would rather you leave that to professionals so try don’t have to rescue even more people. And those images are likely taken using a good zoom so there’s no indication the photographer was near enough to help. It also looks like emergency personnel were nearby anyway.

  38. Knowing there are men like him makes me so happy. Wow, the photos are amazing!

  39. Well I think once upon a time the 365 days of cute calendar was just a dream but it came true eventually right? And let’s face it CO have CATered for our every cute need so far. Cute men with small furry aminals? Are you kidding! (join the disorderly queue behind me)

  40. Long time CO Fan and I live in High River but right now we are displaced. We had to leave our two kitti3s behind but thankfully we are in the dry part of town. I talked to the pet bylaw person an3person and he will be checking up on our kitties to make sure they are fed and watered …..I left about a weeks supply of water and food for them! Hopefully we are allowed back soon into our homes.

  41. rjwheeldon says:

    Nice to see an uplifting story after the devastation

  42. Sending you and your kitties warm thoughts and prayers, Dev.

  43. Saffron says:

    ❤ and prayers for Dev and kittehs. ❤ ❤

    Sooo glad Kevan and Momo are OK and hope the people of Alberta and their anipals are also all OK.
    Looks like Momo is leading the way "Follow me, hoomin! I will get us to land!"

  44. one cranky lady says:

    How appropriate, since Wolverine is from Canada!

  45. AWW, that is horrible 😦 I hope you will be back home real soon, Dev, and back to cuddling your dear sweet kitties 🙂

  46. Jenny Islander says:

    I think it’s, “Look, hoomin, I know I like it when you fill up the bathtub for me, but THIS–IS–TOO–MUCH.”

  47. Jenny Islander says:

    The first time I saw this, there was commentary from the photographer attached, to the effect that it happened so fast and the current was so strong that he couldn’t possibly have gotten there in time to help and might well have ended up in need of rescue himself–also, emergency personnel were already nearby.

    Apparently he was expecting to take a photo of a pickup truck splashing across a wet intersection and all of a sudden HELLO THERE TILTY TRUCK.

  48. Thank you friends I talkd to the pet bylaw person today and they were at my house yesterday and they are making sure are kitties are taken care of…..they may even ggrab them and take them to a kennel for us to pick up….either way, right now they are safe and are home is one of the few that is completely dry so at least we do not have to worry about rebuilding….again, than you everyone for your kind comments to me and my 2 kitties.

  49. I would totally, TOTALLY buy a “Men of Cute Overload” calendar!

  50. Kevan Yeats looks like a Viking! All cat-rescuing Vikings automatically get nominated for Men of CO.

  51. Now that I have taken a second look at Kevan Yeats, I agree with you 100%, fleurdamour 😀 I will add if Kevan Yeats is not married he will find himself getting lots and lots of offers and I will add mine so that dear sweet Momo will have a Mommy 😀

  52. If I was visting Alberta, I would try and get ahold of someone who is a pet bylaw officicer and ask if I could help them grab your two dear sweet kitties and bring them to you, Dev.

  53. Same here, BlueBindweed 😀

  54. The first thing that I thought when I saw this story was “I bet this makes it to CuteOverload…and that Kevan gets nominated for Cute Men of CO.” DEAD RIGHT ON BOTH ACCOUNTS. *dances*

    – A fellow Albertan (only I’m living in the north end of ‘er, in a city that ironically experienced some flooding one week before this mess happened due to heavy rain).