Wimbledon CAN’T Start Today

I’ve got their ball.

From Skippyhaha.



  1. If Wimbleton used puppeh as ball retriever on the court maybe I’d watch.

  2. elishab says:

    I’m with puppy about Nadal…..his to lose. Puppy and Nadal what a good lookin’ set!

  3. I vote “yes”!!

  4. I would normally rather watch paint dry than follow Wimbledon, but all they need do is train the camera on this puppeh and I will sit in front of my telly all day, entranced.

  5. Saffron says:

    Pupperson looks sad nobody throwing more tennis balls for him to play wif. He wishes he lived at this house…

  6. I saw a 7-wk old golden lab puppeh this weekend, named Ruby. Let’s just say: ded! Ded people falling all over that backyard!

  7. I think I said that wrong – it should be yellow lab or golden retriever, right?… This puppeh was a yellow lab… I’m still confuzzled from her cuteness!

  8. or just played fetch for two weeks

  9. labs have short uniform hair. retrievers have longer floofier hair. both have extraordinary powers of dedding

  10. Thank you, blair. She had short uniform hair and a plump pink belleh.

  11. It’s completely understandable that your brain would turn to jelly from all the qte. Been there, done that. 🙂

  12. If she looked like the puppeh at the top of this thread, she’s a yellow lab. 🙂

  13. or Tommy Lee Jones. one or the other.