THIS JUST IN: Rusty The Panda Has Been Found!

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Rusty’s Big Adventure is over. He has been found, safe & sound! Washington City says he was located in the 1900 block of Biltmore Street NW, in the Adams Morgan area.

Photo from CNN’s Aaron Cooper.

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This photo found in the blur of The Twitter– Rusty looking for the closest Five Guys.

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Here are some photos by Washington City Paper intern Dan Singer who was on the scene as they bundled the furball up. The site says “Rusty appeared to be in a tree close to a row house’s roof. Rusty was caught in a net before being placed in a crate.”





Washington DC CO Peeps, this is a Red (Panda) Alert. Rusty The Red Panda has been missing from the National Zoo since 6pm last night. From their Twitter feed:

“Red pandas typically spend the warm daytime hours resting, so it’s likely Rusty is somewhere in or near the Zoo hiding in a tree. If you see Rusty, don’t approach him. Stay where you can safely keep an eye on him & alert the Zoo (202.633.4888) immediately. Remember: red pandas are wild animals, & will bite if cornered or scared. Animal care staff have been combing the trees around the Zoo since 8 a.m. He could be sick & hiding, or someone could have taken him.”

Keep an eye on @NationalZoo for the latest, and let’s keep our Panda Paws crossed that Rusty turns up OK.

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  1. Oh, I pray that the little guy gets home safely. 😦

  2. I’m crossing my Panda Paws right now for Rusty’s safe return.

  3. Wait, is this for real? The little guy is really missing? I pray he’s found soon, safe and sound. It just makes me sick to think of what could’ve happened to him. 😦

  4. I hope Rusty is just in a really good hiding spot in his exhibit. Or perhaps hiding out at my house (which would allow me to promptly contact the zoo, after a few days of snorgling of course). Please come home, Rusty.

  5. Very real.

  6. Rusty has just been found. He was in the Adams Morgan neighborhood of DC. A resident spotted him and kept her eyes on him until the zoo staff arrived. He has been crated and is now on his way home after his Big City Adventure. Whew!!

  7. And now inquiring minds must know – what was he doing there, and how did he get there?! And why wasn’t he heading towards my house instead?

  8. All excellent questions!! He was found pretty far away from the zoo. No word yet on how he got out…all we are hearing now is that he has been recovered. I am dying for the details…

  9. I smell a children’s book.. “Rusty’s Big Adventure”

  10. If I found that guy in my yard it would be REALLY hard not to try to add him to my menagerie.

  11. SO relieved the little guy is ok and going home.

  12. Yeah but boy is he in trouble. No cable or Internet for a month.

  13. How the heck could that have happened??

  14. The good news is everybody in DC can get back to work now. Oh wait . . .

  15. rescue gal says:

    And thus Rusty’s Great Adventure comes to a safe end- thank goodness.

  16. I’ll volunteer to have my house available for Rusty to serve his house-arrest.

  17. CoffeeCup says:

    It’s only about a mile from the zoo. He probably slipped out through a hole in the fencing and went exploring.

  18. CoffeeCup says:

    Haha. I work in the area and I was really tempted to take a (very) early lunch and look for him.

  19. CoffeeCup says:

    It looks like the zoo isn’t really sure. The zookeepers didn’t see trails that would appear if he had just walked off.

  20. Oh goodness, he’s only been at the zoo about 2 weeks. The zoo people must have almost had heart attacks!! So glad it’s all ok!

  21. The female red panda at the Virginia Zoo escaped a few times her first year here. The zookeepers had to keep changing her habitat to keep her in. They are total escape artists.
    They got her a boyfriend to keep her occupied, too.

  22. Rachael says:

    Yay, Rusty’s home!!! He’ll probably be grounded until he’s 35 but at least he’s safe. 🙂

  23. My sister, who lives near there, wishes she hadn’t gone to work today.

  24. My theory is one of the handlers opened the door to sneak in a give him a snorgle and promptly keeled over from the qte allowing Rusty to escape,

  25. They’ve got to stop screening Madagascar at the zoo.

  26. After that snake in NYC a few years ago, I wonder if zoo’s ‘accidentally’ let some of their more winsome residents slip out.

    With access to Twitter of course.

  27. Ben Lepus says:

    Now that Rusty is safely recovered, can I just say that I totally Lol’d at the pic of him just going along his merry way in those bushes. Sneaky adventuring adds +infinity to already off the charts qte!

  28. CoffeeCup says:

    I wonder if Rusty ever got his little cheeseburger and fries. I mean, Five Guys is nothing to joke about.

  29. Rusty must have been in cahoots with the Bronx Zoo Cobra.

  30. Red pandas are total rascals! One of them at the zoo in my town used to escape frequently. They would find him elsewhere on zoo grounds each time and are now much more diligent about trimming the trees surrounding the red panda enclosure. Apparently they are very good jumpers. Also, the zoo employee who told me all this said that they call it a Code Houdini when an animal escapes!

  31. My claim to fame- Rusty was born in my town, his zoo mama, who cried when he left, was my son’s high school girlfriend. She has the best job in the world.