The Theory of Kenny-tivity

Squee = m squee². The most redonk equation of all time: Squuu-eeeee! = Massive Squee squee’ed.

“This is Kenny! Aka Kenny poo poo. I rescued him 2.5 years ago from the SPCA. He’s a San Francisco Giants fan and even has his own jersey. He howls like a wolf. People get him confused from Albert Einstein sometimes.” -Lauren M.



  1. Go Giants!!!

  2. Best face ever! And I love the name Kenny for a poo poo. Omg…

  3. sabrina rose says:

    Kenny is quite the Dapper Dan! Definitely a prime candidate for the Gallery of Cutest Dogs Ever! Love the high five.

  4. woofiesma says:

    I can see why he’d be confused with Albert Einstein. ; ) Kenny poo poo is obviously a very special little guy – the jersey, the high five. What a handsome fellow he is.

  5. He appears to be an Elvis fan, as well.

  6. Rachael says:

    OMG!! Just OMG!!! He’s so freaking adorable!!! *thud*

  7. Liking the Diana Ross hair styling.

  8. kittycat says:

    :):) he is a super cute dog:) many kisses for Kenny.

  9. I love this little dude!

  10. Debbiesue says:

    Hmm. Maybe he’s part bichon. Bichon’s should be the official dog of Disneyland, the happiest dogs on earth.

  11. That hair is cracking me up.