The Things I Do For Hoomins

My hoomin loves it when I reach over and boop him on the head. Hey, if it gets me fed, I’m cool with it.



  1. 😆 The things kitties do to get attention 😆

  2. When my cat makes that noise I have to hit her with a pillow (nicely) or else she’ll go completely nuts and try to turn me into confetti. For some reason the pillow snaps her out of it, haha.

  3. Same! My cat only makes that sound when his little brother won’t leave him alone, or when we let him out to roll around for a bit and he smells something he doesn’t like. That usually means he’s gonna scratch us if he gets too close, but I’ve learned just to say ‘NO’ and grab him by his scruff to avoid it. >_> It’s really quite odd…

  4. StormCat42 says:

    This little boy sounds just like my babyboy, Squirt! Looks just like him too… And he makes that noise at me, if I don’t get to the door fast enough for him, to let him out… They are demanding little things aren’t they? LOL

  5. Coffee Cup says:

    I’ve never heard that noise from my cat!

  6. 4leafclover says:

    Mraooooww. Boop.
    “You’re not the boss of me!”

  7. My boy cat does that when he wants to drink water out of the cup I keep in the bathroom for toothbrushing *eyeroll* He’s so weird!!!! 🙂

  8. That cat is just so not impressed by his human.

  9. Mamabear says:

    Glad he wearing glasses, cuz it sound like kitty bout to snatch an eye out!

  10. SlaveToCat says:

    Kitten version of a dope slap.
    Get out of your mom’s basement, get a job, and get me some tuna, now..meeooowwww whack.

  11. WOW ! from the sound I expected that kitty to tear that guy a new one but then he gently touches him. I sure didn’t see that one coming !

  12. Lucy's Mommeh says:

    Oh, that noise & gesture are VERY familiar to hubby & I. Our dearly departed half Siamese kitty, Devil, would get very annoyed if daddy was whistling. Or singing. Or playing that penny whistle. Or talking. He was only sposed to be LOVING HER AND NOTHING ELSE. That crabby whine would come out & the paw thing would happen too. Always gentle, never claws out. Usually booped daddy on the lips. And yes, it caused much laughter. I miss the cranky old broad.

  13. Blue Footed Booby says:

    My roommate’s cat used to do that, but about an octave deeper. She’s the kitty version of the bellowing Wagnerian fat lady with trash can lids over her boobs.

  14. I grew up surrounded by Meezers, and am a better person for it. They rock. But I can’t remember a time when a yowl like that didn’t come with a side order of face bopping. You are so right, Ms. Lucy’s Mom – Meezers require loyalty from us, their subjects, and don’t hesitate to remind us to pay attention to the task at hand. Which, of course, is adoring our Lord and Master.

    I miss our Meezers, too, and it’s been 40 years…

  15. That’s my cat’s T-Two “give me candy before you got to bed” sound. Every night he’ll come and get me from the living room and walk in front of me all the way to the kitchen, turning around from time to time and making that sound to make sure I’m following. That’s the only time he’ll make that noise.

  16. And that guy has such a great hoodie on too!

  17. I was about to ask…….What was that about? But I watched it again, and the guy says “do it again” and kitty does…!

  18. Processing that image…………

  19. I love the expression on the guy’s face. You can tell he’s nutz about that cat. 🙂

  20. Lucy's mommeh says:

    Gigi, you know that we need video proof of this, right?

  21. Psychethos says:

    Yeah, you have to surprise them out of it for some reason. Weird.