Swimming Trunks

Mom & bebeh heffalumps coolin’ off at the Hannover Zoo in Germany.

Totally unbeatable headline by SFGate.com. Photo By Jochen Lübke/AFP/Getty Images.



  1. Errr….baby heffalump looks a little submerged. *gurgle*

  2. But he has a periscope!

  3. It’s a snorkle!!

  4. Look how big Mama’s trunk is compared to the baby heffalump…she will see to it that he doesn’t get too waterlogged!

  5. Possible alternate title:
    “Ah NOSE you iz there!”

  6. Mama will take good care of her bebbeh, of that I am sure. How freaking adorable!!!

  7. Around here at CO, seems to me we would call that a “schnorkle.”

  8. JenDeyan says:

    Why is it that small things are cute? It’s not like an elephant trunk is the most attractive thing to look but I saw that little trunk next to big one and first reaction was *squee* Look at the little trunk!

  9. omg elephants have my heart! double squee!

  10. Looks like a heffalump and a half-a-lump – baby is so little 😉