I’m Supposed to Squat?

But…cats don’t do squat.

“This new kitten ‘Chief’, decided he doesn’t like to squat to use the cat box. His new name is ‘Stand To Poop’.” -Photo by Bryan F. and Maleck.



  1. Smartypants says:

    He looks very dignified considering his, uh, situation.

  2. He’s an adorable little tuxedo cat. That adds to the air of dignity, I think.

  3. Teresa in NC says:

    He’s got the tuxedo, the cattitude…

    Squatting is just SO plebian.

  4. 260Oakley says:

    Highway Cat prefers to Stand and Deliver

  5. *sigh* one of my cats do that too. now i know he’s no longer unique :p

  6. Here I thought my kitty was the only one that does this!!

  7. I think ‘Chief” is standing because he wants to know why you are taking a picture of him using his litter box, Bryan F. and Maleck. 😆

  8. Years ago I had a cat who balanced on the edges of the litter box with all four paws. When she was done, she’d sit outside the box and, with one paw, begin shoveling kitty litter to cover her mess until she was scooping it outside the box. I love kitty idiosyncrasies.

  9. I imagine him saying, “Sheesh, can I have a little privacy here?!”

  10. auroragyps says:

    My cat does kind of the same thing. She perches on the edge, sticks out one front paw, and balances there while she does her business. It part of the reason I had to get one of the litter boxes with the collar like attachment to replace the covered box, because she’d perch in the opening and all her business was at the front, so the litter would all end up there and on the floor.

  11. Mine’s been deceased for ~ 20 years. Maybe she came back as your cat? How funny.

  12. My tuxedo cat does the same thing, and after she’s finished and covered her waste she paws madly at the wall beside the litter box before getting out. Like she’s trying to shred the wall to cover her waste.

  13. They should video on Animal Planet of a cat moving a curtain around the litter box to use it for privacy…cats..hmmph.

  14. Clairdelune says:

    My kitty also paws madly at the wall beside the litter box, I can’t figure out why. I can hear her because her litter box is in the room next to the bathroom, and she ALWAYS goes to use it whenever I use the bathroom. Yep, we love our kitties and their idiosyncrasies!!

  15. I think she tries to remove the litter from her paws.

  16. I think if I had a tuxedo kitty I’d have to get him a bow-tie collar.

  17. I I had a tuxedo kitty, I’d name him “Tennessee”.

  18. How come? I’m hoping my next kitty is a tuxedo and am trying to think of good names. Is there some meaning to this? Or just your preference?

  19. My male cat also stands to do his business, and paws the walls and floors afterwards – but fails to do any pawing inside the box to cover anything up 😛 I got him & his sister when they were only about 6 weeks old, so I always figured maybe he hadn’t had enough time at litter box training with mama to grasp the finer points of litter box etiquette… It’s like he knows that there is some pawing action required after using the litter box, but never made the connection that he was supposed to be doing it to bury his poop….

  20. Scout C says:

    My dear, you are very young. There was a cartoon character named Tennessee Tuxedo years ago, back in the days of only 5 TV channels and a test pattern at midnight.

  21. Don’t worry, I didn’t get it either.

  22. Claudia says:

    My cat does the same thing, although he only uses one paw to steady himself on the edge of the litter box.

  23. With my kitty, I call it, the four teader pee…… She positions ALL four paws on the edge, pees gracefully, and jumps out like a shot! She’s good! 😄

  24. My Kitty is a Freak says:

    My dear Punky didn’t do squat either. But her stance was more of a being frisked stance. She would stand at the back of the box that was at the wall, put two front feet on the wall and go. I always wanted to pat her down, but figured I’d give her some kind of complex if I did.

    Kitties are weird.

  25. Was Tennessee a penguin with a walrus side kick ?

  26. Blue Footed Booby says:


  27. Saffron says:

    In the days when you had to get up to adjust the vertical and horizontal holds on the picture! I remember Tennessee Tuxedo too 😀

  28. This mental image made me giggle! I applaud your self-restraint in not frisking Punky.

  29. tenshihitomi says:

    The Dandy Highway Cat

  30. I remember Tennessee Tuxedo. He was a penguin. Don’t remember the walrus’s name, tho.

  31. Lol. Sounds like these non-squatting cats would be good candidates for toilet training!

  32. phred's mom says:

    What part of the country was this? Does not ring
    a bell. Anybody old enough to remember Bertie the
    Bunyip? A strange puppet way back in the day, in
    Philly, a hybrid puppeh and bun. Strange, but the
    kiddies liked him.
    *creaks away, smiling nostalgically*

  33. Yuri Bell says:

    The walrus’ name was Chumley. They went to Mr. Know it all to get help with their problems at the zoo. Voice for Tennessee was Don Adams, I think.