Splish Splash I Wuz Takin’ A Bath

I got to get all the dirt off. I LIKE this water stuff!

“This is my 3 week old pet duckling, Goose! She was pretty messy today so I decided to bring her in and show her the bathtub. This is her first bath!” -Cuteporter Kelly.



  1. This was mesmerizing.

  2. Mónica García Lezama says:

    My only qualm about this video is the running water. Otherwise very cute Goose! a happy duck indeed

  3. Because someone has to say it:

    Duck, duck Goose!

  4. Dare I say she took to the bath like a duck to water? 😉

  5. Kelly Ness says:

    Eeek! My video is on CO! 🙂

  6. kibblenibble says:

    I see elbows! 😆

  7. how does someone have a duck and doesn’t have a pond? this is a quack..er, a quaaaaaack…er… a qua(wait for it)ndry…

  8. The Original Jane says:

    She’s going to need another bath to get clean from the first one!

  9. doomchild says:

    Goose is all alone? One should always have two geese or more . Also they must always have access to water to swim in, not just when they’re dirty. (http://www.wikihow.com/Care-for-a-Goose)

    Still, I’ll be waiting for more vids and pics of the cute lil’ Goose 🙂 She’s anerable!

  10. Goose is also a duck. 😉

  11. doomchild says:

    …Same requirements apply for ducks.

    Even outside duck season.
    (Rabbit season! Duck season!)

  12. Mamabear says:

    I’m not sure about goose requirements, but I have raised happy and healthy ducks for years with a child’s swimming pool, and according to Healthy Homesteading: “Ducks do not require water for swimming and wading in but it can benefit them in hot climates. Fresh water for drinking is to be offered 8-12 hours per day.”

    And Mother Earth News: “If you don’t have the stream or pond, you can provide a sunken trough, half-barrel or pan. You can raise ducks successfully without any (bathing) water, but they like water to wash themselves”

    Backyard Chickens also has some terrific information on raising all manner of fowl. I’m wary of sites like Wikipedia and the like because anyone can change the entries and because they are often written by lay people, myths like “Poinsettas will kill your pets” get perpetuated.

  13. Rachael says:


  14. flappy winglets!

  15. I love the no slip mat for the little guy! Now I want a duck.

  16. Is there something wrong with her wings?

  17. Kelly Ness says:

    nothing wrong with her wings, she’s just still a baby. The wing feathers have now started to grow, this video was taken a bit over a week ago.

  18. Kelly, you named your duck Goose. We want (need) the story behind that. Also, I was dying to wipe off that dirt behind her right wing. How did you refrain?

  19. I enjoyed every second of this ! how precious!

  20. Yay! And we all thank you for it, it’s super cute!

  21. Crystal says:

    I’m sure Goose will be fine. Try to enjoy the cute video without judging people you don’t know.

  22. If I show my mom this video, she is going to want a baby duck! Lol! She is known as the duck lady in our neighborhood because she cares for all the ducks outside 🙂 feeds them, gives them water…they even fly over to the front door when they see her coming lol

  23. ah aha aha ah ah!

  24. agreed!

  25. Send us pictures or better yet, video!

  26. I am sure you CAN raise a duck, which normally would live in water and swim all the time without a place to swim, but you can raise a bird that flies in a cage and never let it fly, too. But why would you? It is common sense that a duck should have water to swim in.

  27. Kelly Ness says:

    actually my dear friend Dennis suggested the name after i put out a call for suggestions. i believe he meant it as a reference to the children’s game, “Duck, Duck, Goose”. Funny story: here in Minnesota they play that game as “Duck, Duck, Grey Duck”. …Which is weird…

  28. Kelly Ness says:

    glad you like it! i enjoy my ducky very much!

  29. Kelly Ness says:

    do you mean because of the sound or because you think it’s wasteful? i was trying to fill the tub deeply enough so she could swim if you wanted, but she started being extra adorbs before it was done filling so I grabbed my cam. sorry if it’s a sound issue…

  30. Kelly Ness says:

    she, not you…