You Are Three Minutes and Seventeen Seconds Late from Lunch

Oh, this is definitely going into your performance report, young lady. (Although I might be inclined to give you a warning in exchange for that tuna fish sandwich.)

Via Larry Page.



  1. A Cat in a draw does it for me every time.

  2. Clairdelune says:

    Love the baleful look of this black kitteh. I used to have a black kitteh just like this one, long ago. The sweetest ever in spite of those yellow eyes! :-[

  3. Dilbert has a pointy-haired boss. This is a pointy-eared one.

  4. I have had lots of pointy-haired bosses, but I would gladly work for this pointy-eared one. 😉

  5. emmberrann says:

    What? I just opened my desk drawer, and there was no kitteh in it. *pouts*

  6. I was misled! Someone told me that the mouse was in the drawer but there’s only a funny plastic egg with a tail in here! 😦

  7. Ha – this made me LOL. I work in HR, and have encountered real managers who would probably would try to hide in a desk drawer if s/he could fit to manage this way (but sadly, never this cute).

  8. I would give that dear sweet kitty a whole platter of tuna sandwiches 😀

  9. Easy to fix! just leave the drawer open and walk away for a bit.