Name This Goldie Puppeh, People!

thumb(Warning: These photos are simply off-the-scale QTE. We advise sitting down when viewing. Don’t look at these on your phone while jogging, or you’ll hit a pole. OK, let’s proceed.)

BRAND NEW GOLDIE PUPPEH ALERT! Cuteporter Josh sent us these, and he could use YOUR help. His Goldie Furball needs a name. We can do this, can’t we, People? Hit those comments hard with suggestions! Speaking of comments, here are Josh’s with each photo. Take it away, J.

UPDATE 1 From Josh, just in:
“I’ve been reading the comments. Lots of great suggestions in there! I think I’m going to go through all the comments in detail when I’m home from work tonight and make a list of my favorites! Thank you for getting this posted. I’ll send you more pics and videos once I pick him up!”

UPDATE 2: We have some video. It’s, well, swell. Clickee.


Hi there! I recently went to pick out my first dog ever – a Golden Retriever! This little guy is who I picked out!


Thought you might enjoy the photo sequence my friend took of me getting a puppy kiss!


They were born May 7th, so that’s too young to bring home- I’m waiting until he is 8 weeks old.


The pups are in Atlanta but I live in Florida.


I’ll be road-tripping to Atlanta with a friend to pick up The Furball then driving back with him.


I’ve always wanted a Golden Retriever!


I work at a camera store….


…..and he’ll be with me at work keeping my feet warm every day!

Josh has also promised photos/video when he heads up to we’ll get a SEQUEL!


  1. bluebird says:

    The cuteness is overpowering! My brain is dribbling out between my toes. How about “Gorgon”? One glance and I’m paralyzed by the cute.

  2. animal lover says:

    What about Tumble??? I think Tumble is a really cute name for a golden retriver!!!

  3. He is adorable now, but will grow into a handsome and regal dog. How about something presidential? Truman, maybe, or Washington. Or how about Jefferson? Personally I would avoid Polk and Van Buren. Not much of a ring to them…

    Ooh ooh! Are you from Georgia? What about Carter? Great name for a dog!

  4. Of course it’s Pete! Look at him!

    He’s gorgeous!

    Be sure and get the little fella some bones to chew on (Publix carries “soup bones” in their meat department – sliced hunks of femur full of juicy marrow). They got my labs, notorious chewers like goldens, through their chewing puppy stage with no damage to anything else.

  5. marilyn pon says:

    how about ‘flash’…..

  6. Since you work in a camera shop, how about the name “Snapshot” ? All kinds of nicknames you could use with that if you wanted to.

  7. KittyMarthaPoo says:

    Click? Pixel?

  8. Great idea! I was thinking something like Flash or Film!

  9. freetomato says:

    Of course it’s Pete! Look at him!

    Be sure to get him some bones to chew on so he doesn’t chew everything you DON’T want chewed! Publix carries “soup bones” (sliced femur fulla marrow and with meaty nibblins) that got my two labs, notorious chewer-pups like goldens, through their destructive stage with no damage to anything else.

    Enjoy your new buddy :)

  10. *incomprehensible babble* How about Noof? (‘oo’ read short) *incomprehensible babble* soooooooooooooooo cute, nothing left in my brain, awwwwwwww

  11. Hröthgar’s my vote-‘cuz he’ll grow into that name.

  12. A very manly name, but how do you pronounce it?

  13. “Fido”

  14. “Hröthgar”.

  15. Theresa says:


  16. Theresa says:

    Maybe just call him Beowulf?

  17. Niosuao says:


  18. Niosuao says:

    Love Beowoff!

  19. Beowoof.

  20. Naw.

  21. Pulp mom says:

    Isn’t it obvious? His name should be Javier.

  22. Hey everyone! I’m from Jersey actually but now I live in Florida. I need to thank my friend Roger (the guy in the blue shirt in the last few photos) for taking the photos of me getting licked! Already some good suggestions so far, keep them coming!

  23. Niosuao says:

    How about Jersey? Or Situation? Snooki?

  24. Rosco56 says:

    Toby!!! Or Sampson would be cut names!!!

  25. too too wonderful….how about “canon” or “nikon” or “flash” or Avedon or any other famous photographer

  26. I was thinking Kodak.

  27. marthava says:

    Yep. That’s exactly what I was thinking, too!

  28. phred's mom says:

    No, no, no…Karsh the Kute isit.

  29. Kodak gets my vote as well. Nice!

  30. I think a camera name would be perfect, too: Kodak, Leica and so on. You’re going to love that puppy. Buy lots of chew toys :)

  31. Cuteness overload! I’d name him Dude. He looks like a little dude anyways. :)

  32. Birdcage says:

    Biscuit. Or Waffles. Or Puck.

  33. KittyMarthaPoo says:

    Waffles – excellent

  34. He reminds me of Peter Cottontail, so maybe Peter!

  35. Madame X says:

    Steel (cuz he can’t hold still an’ he’ll steal your heart)
    Bubba (Fhet)
    Sheldon Cooper
    Walter Von Tribblemeister

  36. Thaddeus! Leopold!

  37. Cherilla says:

    Flash!! You work with cameras and it’s a sweet name!!

  38. Cherilla says:

    Of course, it might be a bit confusing when discussing camera features.. but you see where I’m going with this! ;-)

  39. phred's mom says:

    Don’t call to Flash the puppeh while on a shoot,
    your assistant will act accordingly. Wait! Make
    Flash your assistan! Perfect. Only, call him Karsh.

  40. Shannon M. says:


  41. I second the motion for Kodak! :D

  42. Kellie A. says:

    What about Butterscotch? :-) What an adorable puppy! I’m jealous!

  43. Ansel

  44. petless in Puddletown says:

    Seconding Ansel!

  45. 6rabbits says:

    Thirding Ansel!

  46. Fourthing Ansel!

  47. And “Ansel” for short?

  48. Buddy.
    I can smell his puppy breath!

  49. It is pronounced ‘Puppeh bref’!

  50. Stressfactor says:

    Action Jack. And if any of you get that 80’s reference I’ll be sincerely impressed. But trust me, it does kind of fit for a Golden Retriever in a weird way.

  51. sriram raghuraman says:

    say hello to foozball!

  52. Ansel, what else?

  53. Judianne Berry says:


  54. CoffeeCup says:

    Noam Chubsky

  55. tracylee says:


  56. TL!!!! It’s YOU!!! You’re back. Are you moved in to the land of magic?

  57. Ansel after Ansel Adams

  58. Ann Rae Jonas says:

    Or Edwin Land (Edwin for short), inventor of the Polaroid.

  59. Vicky R. says:

    I like “Edwin.” I once got to meet Mr. Land, an astonishing experience (he gave a talk to our graduate lighting design class on his own theory of color vision–the “retinex” theory. Mr. Land was a genius. So’s this puppy–a genius at stealing hearts!

  60. How about Mister Land?

  61. He looks just like my sisters dog. Except that hers has one blue eye. SHe is named Buttons – like Buttons from the Animaniacs.

  62. Malkin&Pippin's Mom says:


  63. i will call him Lumpy Space Prince.

  64. He looks like a “Chuck” to me.

  65. Kristen from MA says:


  66. Sugar, because he is so sweet or just Sug, because he is from Georgia!!!

  67. I like Sugar. Or maybe Sugar Loaf. :-)

  68. Shake Sugaree.

    It’s a reference to this classic southern blues/folk song by Elizabeth Cotten.

    IMO, retrievers always have that “Ain’t nobody know the troubles I’ve seen” look on their faces, so there’s the blues thing. And he’s from Georgia, so there’s the southern thing. And, well, they do love to shake, whether it’s their tails from joy or their whole bodies after a swim, so there’s the shake thing. And finally, he’s so sweet, so there’s the Sugar(ee).

    “Everything I got is done in PAWn…”

  69. Rosco56 says:

    My neighbor has two Goldies named Max and Bo. Or Bently, Leo, Thor.

  70. I think Thor would be cute.

  71. I work at a Leica Store so if I named him Leica, that would be one very confused pup!

  72. Blithe Cummings says:

    How about Nugget? I had a Golden Retriever cross named Nugget when I was a preschooler – I used to feed him rocks. I thought he really ate them, but Mom said he would wait until I wasn’t looking, then spit them out. He was my best friend.

  73. Blue Footed Booby says:

    -Sorkvild the Raven Feeder

  74. Oscar

  75. Finnigan! :)

  76. Puppy Luvah says:


  77. Doozer! He’s totally a Doozer! Ooooor…for the photographer owner:
    – Iris
    – Pixel
    – Flash
    – Easel
    – Focus

    Or since the pup’s from Atlanta, you could go with their team names:
    – Falcon
    – Brave
    – Hawk

  78. Charmin. Saw that in the hover text and it stuck

  79. Name Suggestion: ADOPT, don’t shop.

  80. He’s way too cute for words! I melted into a pile at my desk and had to share with all my dog loving colleague – we are now all cuteness stunned and unable to work on this glorious summer day. How about naming him Aperture or Daguerre or Eastman.

  81. KittyMarthaPoo says:

    Eastman – excellent

  82. My Golden, Molly, suggests George. Because you are going to hold him, and squeeze him, and love and… call him George! Plus, he’s from Georgia.
    But, my lab/mastiff baby, Mosby, says any of the Musketeers names would work too, Aramis, Athos, Porthos.

  83. jessicavye says:

    OMG I DID know people who called their dog George for EXACTLY THAT REASON.

    Sorry for all-caps overexcitement, I just thought you’d be pleased to know that your suggestion has borne fruit elsewhere.

  84. jlamusings says:

    LOVE the George idea too! Actually, for a similar reason, why not just call him “Charmin” like the hovertext?

  85. petless in Puddletown says:


  86. AniMayo says:


  87. emmberrann says:

    Midas, because he’s Golden.
    Butters, because he’s Golden.
    Archie, after Cary Grant.
    Jack. Because.

  88. Rosco56 says:

    I like Midas!!!

  89. I’m liking Butters- what about “Butterball Bailey!”

  90. Rosco56 says:

    Zeus, Ares, Pluto, Mars, Jupiter or any Greek/Roman god. Ya know Roman would be a cute name too!!

  91. Please, folks…..the perfect name for a Golden Retriever is: CHASE!!!!!

  92. Debwest says:

    My husband has always said that your dog’s name should be short enough to get their attention when you speak it sharply. I liked the suggestion “Kodak”. It has a good sound when you say it. I also like “Blaze” or Sunny” since it’s golden in color.

  93. And fricatives! They come to fricatives!

  94. Golden retrievers are great, a fantastic breed! Our first dog was a goldie (I wasn’t born yet when dad bought him for mom) and he was truly very special. Calm, kind, smart and intuitive. Mom’s told me that while she was expecting me, Higgins (that was his name) would place himself behind her and support her back when she was tired.
    My brother and I couldn’t say his name when we were kids, so we called him Gigga, until we could say it properly.His full name was Henry Higgins, and the kennel called him Henry. But mom decided to call him Higgins instead because “what if I stand on the porch and call out ‘Henry’ – who knows who might show up!” :)

  95. Theresa says:


  96. 6rabbits says:

    Like your mom’s reasoning there! :-)
    On a related note: When naming dogs, one might want to consider what one will sound like yelling that particular name!

  97. this pup’s name should be “Smalls”, cuz he’s killin’ me. YOU’RE KILLIN’ ME, SMALLS!!

  98. What about Rochester (Rock or Rocky for short) since that’s where Eastman-Kodak is/was.?
    My first choice was Kisses, though. Not sure if that’s noble enough for that lump of love though.

  99. rescue gal says:

    Not a rescue? :(

  100. CoffeeCup says:

    Doesn’t seem to be the case. i’m disappointed too, especially since I see golden retriever puppies at the shelter once in a while.

  101. One of my best friends runs the ASPCA in a major metropolitan area and told me she sees many, many young labs and goldens because people don’t have the patience to see them through the aforementioned dreadful chewing stage. Once they get past that they are the best dogs ever. I hope Josh heeds my warning about getting him a good bone to chew one or else the little cutie WILL destroy stuff.

    <Four rescues – would have more if time, money and space were no object.

  102. Blue Footed Booby says:

    Inspiration has struck: name him Nuffer

  103. Yes! Wait, no! That’s a horrible curse of a name!

  104. strawrose says:

    Champ? Kipper?

  105. Holy God. Lucky Man. Name Sugg: Butterscotch.

  106. Stacy W says:

    Khaki, because he matches (and munches) on your pants!

  107. erica_an says:

    Bingley. He looks like he’ll grow up infallibly good-natured.

  108. beverly says:

    Donald. Don. Donniy. Donalicious.

  109. pookie12 says:

    I agree with some of the photo/camera names.

  110. This is such cuteness, I can’t stand it. What about Fluffer Nutter? Although, I love the earlier suggestion of Ansel.

  111. LOL @ Fluffer Nutter. That’s one of my many, many nicknames for my Havanese puppy. It started with “Fluffle Butt” (because her back end is not just fluffy…it’s truly fluffly) and progressed from there.

    Her real, official name, though, is Zuzu Petals. <3

  112. J Nguyen Knight says:

    He looks like my Israel. So Israel it is. :-)

  113. Sweet Tea? (sweetie)

  114. Theresa says:

    Sweet Pea!

  115. Awww I love sweet pea! That’s what I call my dog when she’s driving me up the wall. :)
    How about snorgalicious?! No? Ok. I’ll go in on the vote for Ansel :)

  116. Rosco56 says:


  117. Sequel? Don’t you mean a Squeequel? :D

  118. …or… a SQUEEQUEL !

  119. I say, name his Chance. Check out my blog, about my new kitten, Sundae. :) I do like Chance, this pup just looks like a “Chance” to me! Hope you like my choice!!

  120. How about Beau, because he’s beautiful.

  121. And you could say it’s short for Beauregard Jackson Pickett Burnside :-)

  122. YAY ‘Auntie Mame’ Reference! 1958 movie with Rosalind Russell is the best version IMO

    My brain melted from the Qte.. so I can’t give you a name suggestion.. sorry :)

  123. Michelle says:


  124. 4leafclover says:

    Name him Barky!

  125. caulder says:

    No Barkley!!!!!! I have a dog named Barkley.

  126. Since you are employed in a camera shop, and this little guy will be tagging along-
    How about a name like, Nikon or Cannon?


  128. Kiragirl says:

    Kodachrome !! (Koda for short) “When I think back on all the crap I learned in high school…..” (PS)

  129. Bruno or Chester

  130. Val's Desk says:

    How about FOCUS?

  131. And as a nickname, “F.” Then when he is doing something naughty: “F! Stop!”

  132. Too cute for words! How about: Sunshine? Freeze-Frame (F.F.= effy)? My son had a dog named Butterscotch, but we just called him Butters. Or, the county he was born in or will live in? Have fun! He is precious!

  133. I was thinking Bodger, you know- from the classic book The Incredible Journey? It would match too- the dog in the book is a golden retreiver!

  134. The best name I ever heard for a golden was Prozac. They called him Zac. I’ve had three goldens, and they’re the best dogs in the world. They’re loving, intelligent, and they love, love, LOVE children!

  135. He’s so cute I melted! I reformed, though, and think
    -Furby (short for The Furball),
    -Kody (yes, for Kodak),
    -Rolly (Roll-y or Rol-ly, either way works), or
    -Hal (short for silver halides, a good old-fashioned reminder of photography’s ‘early’ years… :) )
    would be good candidate names for your bundle of golden fuzzy fur. Enjoy that puppeh!

  136. Golden Delicious, because he tastes everything!

  137. Or “Gold AND Delicious,” as he is totally nommable?

  138. “Simon” says…

  139. How’s about Sassafraz!! Sassy for short ;)

  140. musicgeek says:

    Oh god Sassy just gives me sobbing nightmares about The Incredible Journey.

  141. He is going to ge bigger and is from Atlanta, so i would go with Atlas.

  142. The qte is truly overwhelming. That face could melt a glacier. I’d name him Henry for no other reason than that’s what I plan to name my next little guy.

  143. Lerrinus says:

    Flash? Slide? Nibbles? My brain has melted from da cute!!!!! :-D

  144. Oh-ma-gaaawd! My head hurts from the cute.

    Since he is a retriever, I suggest Orion, after the famous hunter in Greek mythology (and awesome constellation)

  145. That is sooooo cute!!!

  146. I humbly submit: Arthur, for my favorite Galaxy hitchhiker. Sweetest puppster ever, you lucky dude! :)

  147. The two of you are going to be best buddies for a long time and, to me, the best
    best buddy name is Jack.

  148. Christine Marcoux says:

    Love. He will be the love of your life.

  149. gail pierson (bunny) says:

    I’ve always like the name Doyle. And to make it all grown up like and a last name like Birdsfoot. Doyle Birdsfoot! :)

  150. Brad Pitt

  151. Winkle or Pooka

  152. Rosco P Coltrane

  153. Fitzgerald. You can call him Fitz or Gerry for short.

  154. As in f-Stop Fitzgerald?

  155. Theresa says:


  156. Oh yeah! I forgot about that! But there’s also a photographer by that name. Unless he grew out of it (or shutter down, so to speak.)

  157. Rufus

  158. Kari Callin says:

    I’m going with Ruger! Love this name! :D

  159. Michelle says:

    All great names – don’t forget Kong filled with peanut butter and put in freezer – great to chew on. Be careful of hard antlers – my golden didn’t do we’ll with these – hard on teeth – my vet says they are like us chewing rocks. Also washcloth wet and frozen in freezer good for puppy chewing.

  160. Names above that I like: Butters, Ansel, Kodak or Canon :-)

  161. I have always said that I would name a dog Johnathan. I like regular names for dogs.

  162. I don’t agree always- Jonathan is a cute name, but imagine a dog named Bartholomew O_O.

  163. Michelle says:

    Love people names for animals! I had a Jake, have a Zoe, and I love the name Charley if/when I get another.

  164. I knew a gorgeous golden named Chaucer. I also like Kaiser Troublepants.

  165. How about Robin since he is going to be your Boy Wonder/ward/sidekick. As

  166. Wing Commander Sir Aubrey Davies Sinclair-Smythe

  167. …when the first two Wing Commander Sir Aubrey Davies Sinclair-Smythes just aren’t enough!

  168. Kiragirl says:


  169. 6rabbits says:


  170. musicgeek says:

    Sue! (A boy named Sue :D )

  171. Kiragirl says:

    This was my nickname for all my anipals: Fuzz

  172. I like Midas Immanuel. — Don’t forget about the middle name for those “special” occasions when the use of a middle name, by a parent, is warranted. My dog’s name is Romulus Ignatius (making his initials R.I.P. for those “special occasions” warranting a middle name.)

  173. He reminds me of Dug from UP (the movie) who was also a golden. Sweet puppy, all the snorgles and wet puppy kisses forever to the both of you.

  174. bluebird says:

    I’m converted to Leica

  175. Rubber Bound Princess says:

    I like Ace, because that is exactly what he is x so very cute,

  176. Barney!

  177. Cameras, you say? Why not call him CHEESE? Or SAY CHEESE?

  178. Kiragirl says:

    because every time you call him, he’ll think it’s snack time! lol (or, every doggie in the neighborhood will come running)

  179. My best friend had a Golden Retriever named Magic.

  180. zfishgirl says:

    What a sweet lil’ fluffster!

    He looks like a sweet Southern boy, which for some reason made names like Morton or Archibald pop into my head…and because Seersucker didn’t quite fit ;)

    Or perhaps Grits, since he’s the color of buttery grits?

    Regardless of his name, here’s wishing you two a wonderful friendship!!

  181. Rosco56 says:

    Mickey!!! Or Mouse!! LOL!!!

  182. Gus – you have to think of a name that’s good for his whole life, not just as a puppeh.

  183. Flutterbye says:

    Well, shoot! I had a comment all typed out, but it “disappeared” before I could post it!

    I was going to also approve of George for Gorgeous George or ’cause that’s where he’s coming from.

    Also, camera names like Cannon, etc.

    BTW…..he is absolutely adorable! Can’t wait for follow-up pix and/or videos!

  184. KSMOLINDER says:

    Casanova, because he is such a lover.

  185. Saffron says:

    All I can say at first is GAH lkjfdsaoiew becasue he is soooo cute!
    Yay for giving your pupperson friend a home!

    Hmmm how about Legolas (who is also a blond cutie :D ).
    Or maybe Edward J. Shutterbug?

  186. Awww! “Shutterbug” is adorable!

  187. Nugget!

  188. Kari Callin says:

    I’m throwing Gunner/ Gunnar in the ring as well! :D

  189. Snickerdoodle (call him snickers)

  190. Jackson…he looks like a Jackson

  191. 13bodies says:

    I love the Rockford Files.

  192. I like this one so far. Kaiser Troublepants works, too.

  193. He looks like an Admiral Fuzzybutt to me.

  194. Leica?

  195. [and – honestly – I didn’t read any of the comments before making this suggestion — looks like Terri, Kristen, Josh, and Bluebird had the same idea – – great minds follow the same channels, as Mom says…]

  196. what a cutie pie… he looks like a Rocco

  197. Rachael says:

    Mr. Sillypants.

  198. fleurdamour says:

    Goldie Hawnd

  199. I really like Flash.
    Or how about Otto (short for Otto Focus)?

  200. jlamusings says:

    Holy cow- we missed a famous goldie character’s name: Dug (from Up)!

  201. Rusty or Sherman or Quincy!

  202. I really like
    The Great Dogsby”

  203. I like Koda but suggest Wingman as that is what will be . Love to you both!

  204. Oh yeah, what about Wegman (forget the Weimaraner part).

  205. For Your consideration :
    F Stop
    Dee Oh Gee
    Rhett or Ashley (from gone with the wind)
    Daddy’s licky face boy ( sorry, I couldn’t resist . The thought of you calling for him in a dog park almost made ME need a puppy pad !)

  206. Boy, I’d be vewwwy, vewwwy, careful about the park you used the last one in!

  207. Theresa WHATLEY says:

    RUFUS – I had a wonderful rescued golden who was a great pet therapy dog. He brought joy and comfort to many people. He was an old soul who has now crossed the rainbow bridge. But I think it is THE BEST NAME EVER

  208. Priority

  209. Popkissed says:

    Jedi is my most favorite dog name ever!

  210. Koda – short for Kodachrome
    Mac (Macro)

  211. Porkchop!

  212. Franko, Bo, Luke,Casey, decker, Gus, Ivan,lance,Mic, Mitch, Murphy, Zoe, Odias, Pal, Dexter,Dale, Trent, Recker, Tate, Skippy,Skip, Skids, Stanley, Brently, Midas, Guy, Garret, Vick, Warren, Bub, Duff, Wade, Rocky

  213. Skids?

  214. caulder says:

    Guy? What if he was or is a girl?

  215. Rascal

  216. How about Talbot, Archer, or Berkeley, some players from the history of photography.

  217. Did you know the number of animals that do not make it out of shelters is pretty much the exact number of animals that people intentionally breed each year? that is a lot of VERY CUTE animals that do not get a chance to have a forever home, so other people can make money.

  218. Janet Aquadro says:

    Puppies are so fun and sooo time consuming. Worth every second!
    Instead of real bones, which can splinter, we have always used Nyla bones & Kongs for their prolonged teething stage(2 years). Just always have something he’s allowed to chew with you.

    Name suggestions: From good dogs I’ve known
    • Captain
    • Major
    • Finn, from Finnigan
    • Reilly
    From Great Old Baseball Stadiums
    • Wrigley, Chicago
    • Shea, NY
    • Fenway, Boston
    • Crosley, Cincinnati
    • Tiger, Detroit

    And although all 4 of my dogs are rescue dogs, I grew up with Labs from reputable breeders who bred carefully and purposefully to eliminate hereditary diseases, like hip displasia, and eye and heart problems. Buying from a breeder is fine just remember to spay or neuter to prevent more unwanted doggie pregnancy.

  219. Rosco56 says:

    Yes, Nyla bones are much better than bone or raw hide because it isn’t good for their stomachs. My vet always recommends a durable rubber toy like the kong which you can fill with peanut butter and watch them have loads of fun trying to get it out!!!.

  220. How about Beauregard or Beau. Beauregard means beautiful outlooK

  221. Athena's mom says:

    Sigh. I guess my comment was “moderated” out of existence. First off, I concur with Sunshine as a name for this bundle of glow. Second, I asked can people please lay off the sanctimonious tsk-tsking of this guy that he didn’t get the puppy from a shelter? I *agree* that shelter dogs are wonderful, but not everyone wants a shelter dog. There are responsible breeders out there who do what they do for the love of the breed and not to make money. Can’t we just enjoy this guy’s little fluffball without the lecture?

  222. Cameron, Cam for short

  223. caulder says:

    You should name him marley!!!!

  224. Congratulations, Josh! He looks like a great puppy for you.

  225. Dwight

  226. Winston

  227. I know it’s not the most original,but he looks like a Charlie to me.

  228. Adding suggestion(s), ’cause it’s Cute Overload and you and your furball – Poochasaurus Rex. Also Dogasaurus Rex, but Poochasaurus Rex is more fun. Enjoy the puppy stage while it lasts! Let us know what name you “light bulb”!

  229. Jennifer says:


  230. I am nothing short of amazed that no one has yet suggested HUNTER, or any version thereof (e.g., Huntington). Seems to me it would be appropriate for a puppy and also dignified enough for the adult he will become. AND, after all, he is a RETRIEVER!

  231. Here I am in moderation lounge. Guess I messed up cuz I said “puppy” instead of “puppeh.”

  232. My cousin has a golden named Bruschi after the hockey player. If you are into sports, that would be a great name. I prounonce it Broswki! :D

  233. How about Caramel – or Latte? because that’s what he looks like – sweet and delicious!!!

  234. Kiragirl says:

    I like someone’s submeeshon: Cam ! or how bout Ted Turner lol, here’s another one, don’t know if anyone else said this: Pixel !

  235. Lickely :3


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