Concise Anatomy Of A Corgi

b12da49f12bd63ae271a1d7d66c811d5Max here. We’re short, stubby and entirely wonderful. We bounce along with very little ground clearance, but generally don’t have a care in the world- we’ve got the world wrapped around our stubby little feet paws. Here are some pix of my pals Trinket, Corgnelius, his new lil’ bro Stump Stump, and a new friend, Jackson Stubbington! Enjoy. -MS

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~Le Creditos s’il vous plaît~

Photo 1 of Trinket from Paul P.
Photo 2 thru 8 from Corgnelius The Corgis Tumblr.
Photo 9 of Jackson Gatsby Stubbington from his blog.
*Technical stuffs: Corgnelius/Stumphrey photos taken with a Sony NEX-5N.*



  1. Little Stumphrey couldn’t be happier – at the vet’s office!! 😀

  2. Rachael says:

    Please tell my family that I OD’d on corgi qteness… with a big a$$ smile on my face. They’ll understand.

  3. my favorite site:

  4. Bashful says:

    Oh the video is hilarious! I have learned so much about corgis.

  5. Somewhere in Buckingham Palace, the queen is quite amused.

  6. I like that. “A group of corgis is called a corgage.” I’m using that from now on.

  7. Blue Footed Booby says:

    The lab I had growing up slept through his first vet appointment. He was audibly snoring as my mom suspended him in the air so the vet could check his hips. Chilldogs own.

  8. Cutest thing I have seen yet on this site. Loved it!

  9. Me, too! I had no idea that a corgi was Michael Phelps’s inspiration to start swimming.

  10. But these are all Pembroke Welsh Corgis! What about the Cardigan Welsh Corgi – which is, BTW, the older breed by far ?

  11. Well of course they’re cute too.

  12. Smartypants says:

    Oh, how can I pick a favorite? The matchingk tracksuits in # 2 are definitely on the list.

  13. JanetDW says:

    The older breed (with a tail) are Cardigans aka “Cardis”. I have two and they are wonderful. Yes, this was mostly Pembrokes but a Black and White Cardi wandered into the beach scene. Cardis are rare and precious so you just don’t see as many of them.