Attack Formation Delta, No Alpha, No Delta

Puppy strategy: Basically, ride into town, surround the kitty and confuse the heck out of everybody.

Discovered by Smedley



  1. Alice Shortcake says:

    Watch out for the head-trampling incident at 0.36!

  2. Those puppies were rather cautious… I wonder if there have been scratched puppy noses before. The cat sounded pissed for sure.

  3. i know, right? pupster X-311 is just trying to chill on the locals’ beach, and pupster Q-2 totally can’t keep his paws in their holster. we totally thought spring break was three months ago.

  4. kitty has the clear advantage here.

  5. Love how the cat is all “get out of my personal space!” “Oi! What did I say about the personal space?!”

  6. Dude, you do it…no, I did it last time you do it!! They have clearly been disciplined by Miss Kitty before. I love how mama dog is all, “see kids, you can walk right past her and it’s fine”.

  7. Sorry,I didn’t see funny. Human had trapped cat and was calling doggletts into the danger zone. doggies should be taughtto respect cats,not gang up on them.

  8. “What part of “MEOW” don’t you understand ?? Go away pups !”
    or something like that .. hehe

  9. There’s a professional service for that.

  10. Shannon M. says:

    Love at about .43 when the pup sits on his sibs head 🙂

  11. It’s almost like Ms. Kitty is saying NONE SHALL PASS! NOOOoooOOO (as human picks her up) none shall pass.
    Too cute.

  12. That just pushed me over the edge. Puppers have absolutely no sense of personal space. 🙂

  13. Well, we can all clearly see who is in charge in this house. Yet again cats rule gogs drool!

  14. I’m with the human here. That’s scary for kitty. I’d pick her up after those cries too.

  15. The cat did not sound too distressed to me. That’s a normal meow for many cats. If she had really felt threatened, there definitely would have been hissing. Her relaxed pose and not flat ears also suggests she is just talkative, but not terribly upset.

  16. Yep 🙂