You Could’ve Foliaged Me

Honey? When’s the last time you watered the topiary? It’s looking a little brown.

This is Agnes Carol at a kickball game last weekend. She’s a labradoodle. -Erin M.



  1. Tongue close-up, please? The pink contrasts so nicely with the brown.

  2. What lovely colors in the photo. And beautiful puppers!

  3. I want a labradoodle so bad I can taste it. 🙂

  4. Athena's mom says:

    Labra and Goldendoodles are the most stuffed animal-y looking dogs on the planet. So cute. And what a great name!!!!

  5. NurseNoir says:


  6. Flutterbye says:

    Love the hint of BEF peeking through the curls!

    Lovely Agnes, lovely photo!

  7. pyrit, you crack me right up!!! Love ya!