Welcome to the World of Tomorrow

Where puppy power polishes your parquet!

Fave Frame:

Screen Shot 2013-06-16 at 10.43.57 PM
“Our new puppy Luke makes his own fun.” -Steve L.



  1. Kari Callin says:

    It’s a new breed: A Shih Tzwoohoo! 😉

  2. rescue gal says:

    I jump before I get into my bed too so the footsie monster under the bed doesn’t get you .

  3. That must be the most awesomest puppeh bed ever.

  4. Can’t be too careful, lavafloor can burn your feet too!

  5. emmberrann says:

    I lurve this lil bouncity bouncer! This is so fun to watch!

  6. OK he does floors but does he do windows?

    Seriously he’s as cute as cute can be!!

  7. I watched that romp and determined that Luke MUST be a Havanese. Nobody does the bouncy pounce more bouncier (or pouncier) than a Havanese!

  8. heh heh… my kitties will sometimes run up and down the hall like that for no apparent reason… always makes me smile…

  9. Birdcage says:


  10. Birdcage says:

    Lavafloor!!!! I have that!!!!

  11. sotadragon says:

    Oh my goodness, that’s redonkulously adorable! 😀

  12. We had a kitty that did that with her bed. We called it Bed Sled! She would push it around all over the place!

  13. Jenny Islander says:

    This was adorable.

    But the stills that appear after the video is done include what appears to be a link to. Um. Woman in black skirt, German shepherd dog, don’t want to type what they are apparently doing, don’t even want to think about what else may be in the video. There’s another still with a caption promising to let people watch an unaltered dog doing what unaltered dogs do to people’s legs. Who uploaded this thing?!

    Just thought I’d warn y’all, don’t want to get anybody in trouble at work.

  14. Jenny Islander says:

    Okay, only one loathsome still; the other one is about dogs jumping on guests. Still, that other one may be something people don’t want to appear on screen at work.

  15. Laura DragonWench says:

    I don’t know what’s going on with the still of the woman in the black skirt and the dog, but I clicked on the video- don’t ask me why, I just had to satisfy my curiosity. I mean, I know the Tube of You has rules against obscenity and I had my finger on the mouse button to shut it off should the video turn nasty. It didn’t. It was simply a video of a girl petting and playing with her black German shepherd. The only disturbing thing about the video was the fact that the dog was muzzled with what looked like a cat collar, for whatever reason. I honestly can’t figure out where that still came from as, although the girl is wearing black shorts, she never stands up.