OK Guys, Who Wants A Snack?

Anyone that wants a little munchie, get in here STAT!

Submitted by Azalea L.



  1. Poor Dave …

  2. Ok, I think they might have had a little help behind the scenes on when it was their turn to come out .. but these people have a goofy looking dog named DAVE, which makes it all worthwhile.

  3. And the cat needs no introduction.

  4. I thought, “Each one is uglier than the next… but so adorable.”

  5. Such a patient big doggy.

  6. Crystal says:

    From her youtube description:

    “Macho – 8 Year old Toy Xolo
    Rex – 11 Year old terrier something
    Maya – 7-10 Year old Intermediate Xolo
    Dave – 3 Year old standard size Xolo
    Bella – 1.5 Year old Harlequin Great Dane
    George – 1 Year old female Moscovy Duck
    Twiggy – 5 year old Cat.”
    😀 Cute… I *may* have squealed when George waddled out… Maybe.

  7. annette says:

    No “maybe” about it for me; I laughed out loud at George. Totally not expecting a duck to wander in. And there are no words for the goofy, uncoordinated adorableness that is Dave.

  8. Jan Keller says:


    Thanks, Jan

  9. OMG! Xolos!! They are amazing dogs!

  10. Ha! I was going to say, notice how she doesn’t bother trying to call the cat. XD

  11. And when she says, “There’s the whole family” and the cat is not in the picture, I could just hear him saying, “What am I–chopped liver?!”

  12. Is Dave wearing Donald Trump’s wig???

  13. Yep, even the duck comes when he’s called, but the cat saunters in and out when he bloody well feels like it.

  14. George has been living with dogs too long – did you see him start sniffing the dog’s butt?

  15. Stressfactor says:

    I had to look them up because I’d never heard of them. According to Wikipedia they are Mexican Hairless dogs.

  16. Rachael says:

    I saw that!!! What a lovely blended family. A goofy looking dog named Dave… it doesn’t get much better than that. 🙂

  17. I want my money back .. I didn’t see the cat .. hehe

  18. Ahh awesome! What a great mix of dogs. I really like Dave- he looks like he’s got a personality on him! And what a surprise to see that big ‘ol great dane…followed by a little ducky, lol. P.S. I think the llhasa or terrier mix needs another treat! He didn’t catch the additional ones!

  19. shibasinthecity says:

    That was the best part…dog dog dog dog dog…DUCK!

  20. I feel a little gypped. I thought she was going to call the cat and the duck over to get their snacks the same way.

  21. Xoloitzcuintles!

    This is amazing because they have BIG dogs and little dogs, and hairless dogs, short-haired AND shaggy dogs.

    Not to mention a cat and a duck.

  22. Lol at “terrier something” and “Cat”

  23. I wasn’t expecting George at ALL! That was a hilarious surprise. Rex has the best hairdo of the lot!

  24. Sorry Dave. You had two chances but you blew it!

  25. woofiesma says:

    T.U.M. – “…when he bloody well feels like it.” That hilarious – thanks for the laugh!

  26. The cat is at the dining room table waiting to be served.

    That second dog looked like a Mexican breed too. Like a cross between a xholo and a chihuahua.

  27. Jennifer says:

    He got a treat in the end.

    /I want a Xolo.

  28. That was amazing. Adding to the hilarity was that she called the dogs out in order of increasing size! And then…George. Perfection.

  29. I’m a little embarrassed to admit this but for a good minute there I thought the first wee hairless dude was the cat! I need to get me some new goggles for seeing goggies and such.

  30. I know, right?!

  31. Jealous!!

  32. LOVE LOVE LOVE the XOLOS!!! So freakin’ beautiful!!! I’m mom to Chinese Cresteds. Love their baby-soft skin!

  33. I love me some hairless dogs!