Goggie Goggles (aka ‘Doggles’)

It’s the latest fashion trend. Check the hovers for deets!



Updated header stolen borrowed from Fish Eye No Miko.


  1. fish eye no miko says:


  2. you know what? that’s so good I am gonna change the header. right now.

  3. fish eye no miko says:

    !! I’m honored!

  4. Blue Footed Booby says:

    It appears to be a brand name, see doggles.com

    I’m totally ok with it being used as a generic term, though, like kleenex.

  5. We are not Dog. We are Devo.

  6. Dear Leslie, bless you for adopting Barley. He looks the cat’s pyjamas in those goggles.

  7. I wonder how he lost his teeth though, is it a breed issue? He looks really healthy ( and happy) overall.

  8. lisaLASSIE says:

    Yes it takes a specially wonderful person to adopt an “old man”.

  9. Miss Ali looks like a tooooy. *grabby hands*

  10. Theresa says:

    I giggle at the goggie goggles.

  11. 6rabbits says:

    “…INSISTS that we move his bed around…”
    *snerk!* :lol:

  12. I love how Bold and Snazzy the pups are with their fashion choices! Sure, black is slimming and all, but it takes a seriously hip fashionista to sport the hot pink, sand and neon lemon/lime with so much sass! Little trend setters.

    People who rescue, adopt, donate to and/or volunteer to rescue orgs are just amazing. So much good in the world.

    (BTW, we interrupt this Doggles broadcast to report that I just looked at the guinea pig chain/scale mail auction and it is up to $15,300.) 8O

  13. Those are great!

  14. Oh my days!that little black Scottie in those HOT pink doggles…..JUST so DIVA Darling!!: ) :) : )

  15. Doggles have been around for years and years now.. They aren’t anything new lol

  16. Some things never get old. Heck, if we stopped posting pictures of stuff we’ve seen before, well… *shudder.*

  17. Mikeyfur says:

    Can’t decide which is more startling…..Hot Pink Doggles or Miss Ali’s ears!!


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