Clive? Yo…Clive?

Clive gets an “A” in Relaxation 101.

photo 2
“We adopted Clive on June 15th from the Humane Society. After a long stay in a couple shelters, we think he is pretty happy! Just wanted to show him off to the world.” -Andrea H.



  1. I’d say Clive is feeling pretty relaxed in his new home! 🙂 Thanks for adopting this sweetie!

  2. Yay for happy adoption tales! And I agree that Clive looks quite content. He matches your floor quite nicely, too.

  3. LOL, I’ve never seen a more relaxed dog! Congratulations on adopting Clive!

  4. Clive is adorable! … and definitely relaxed in his new home! x

  5. He’s lookin’ right at home. I think you found yourselves a real buddy. Love his name by the way!

  6. Smartypants says:

    Clive, congratulations on your new home! You have obviously got yourself some great hoomins!

  7. Quick! Start the AC, I think Clive is melting!

    Seriously, congratulation on adopting this guy, he obviously feels at home!

  8. AGH! The tongue keeled me!
    We need a relaxation tongue-hance! 🙂

  9. What a relaxed, at-peace looking guy. Major props to you for giving him a home and give that nose a boop for me.

  10. ShazzaNorth says:

    Clive is tasting your floor and has decided it tastes like … home!

  11. Tungulence! Man, I do love me some big ol’ boneless-looking hound dawgies. Floppity earses, huge meaty paws . . . glad he’s out of the shelters in and in a nice tasty forever home.

  12. Theresa says:

    CLIVE. Yessss!

  13. You’re good people! He looks right at home! 🙂

  14. If it isn’t this pic, there’s another one very similar with the caption, “You know it’s really hot when even your dog is melting.”

  15. Clive is my favorite breed: “dog.”

  16. Awww, he looks like an old fella. So glad he’s got a forever home. He’s certainly relaxed.

  17. Yep, he definitely has the “finally, I’m home and can just relax!” look about him.

  18. I dub thee Sir Clive Puddletongue.

  19. Hehehehehe! perfect name.

  20. Yuri Bell says:

    I lol’d. You’ll be having tongue marks on your floor, and isn’t it great?

  21. katiecat says:

    Long life and happiness tho you all! Clive is a lucky guy and I hope you guys will feel lucky to have found him.

  22. Gives new meaning to “tongue and groove.”

  23. The poor floor .. There is a “puddle of tounge” on it.