Back to Back

I’ll make a deal with you, boss. You watch where you’re going, and I’ll watch where you’ve been.

Via Ian Sane.



  1. I’ve got your back.

  2. Looks like somebody’s backpacking (literally) around Europe this summer…

  3. BOOP! And smooch!

  4. sabrina rose says:

    This little dog has one of the brightest, most intelligent expressions I’ve ever seen! Bet he’s a great companion. Hope they both enjoy their travels.

  5. sotadragon says:

    Of course, the first thought that came to mind upon reading the title of this post was, “Back to back… to back! Because there’s three of us!” Oh, how I miss the Dew Drop Jugglers. :-/ Probably no one here will get that, but that’s okay.