Morris De Voto Para La Alcaldía!

Vote Morris For Mayor, that is. It seems that Morris The Cat is running for mayor in the town of Xalapa, Mexico. He’s got his social media strategy working, with FB & Twitter accounts getting out the word. (Helps to speak Spanish if you’re gonna click those, FWIW.)

Morris’s platform, judging from this video, is to…knock things off the table. According to, Morris wants to “get the rats out,” -you can take that two ways- and “do what other politicians do, namely sleep and do nothing.”

Good luck to Big Mo!



  1. He can’t be any worse than human politicians.

  2. Morris is quite a phenomenon here in Mexico, because we are really tired of bad and corrupted politicians… to the point of being willing to vote for a cat (of course is a joke, but rather it is a protest). Here is some coverage in English:

  3. He seems like a man/cat of action!

  4. Clairdelune says:

    I’ll vote for a “candigato” any time!! Yeay for Morris!!

  5. ¡Morris tumba a todos los que les encanta la corrupción! ¡Viva Morris!

  6. Love those elbow length white gloves.

  7. Same here, Clairdelune 😀