Tea Time With Maru

BRAND NEW VIDEO JUST IN via the Japan Intertubes. Maru plops down on his considerable haunches for some Matatabi tea (Tea for cat.) Catnip tea? Who knew?

The second Maru today! #Whythehecknot. Thanks Mugumogu.



  1. not-so-tainee matatabee

  2. still oh soo chunkeeee

  3. Oh Maru. I love how he rubs his cheeks in the water. Silly kitty. “Considerable Haunches” indeed.

  4. Tony James says:

    “What? No biscuits?! Not tea-time without biscuits. Hmph. It’s hardly fit for bathing in.”

  5. *pat* *pat* *pat* *leeck* *leeck* *leeck*

  6. Maru makes EVERYTHING look like fun!!!!

  7. Theresa says:

    My Stinky used to react exactly this way to mushroom-barley soup.

  8. Hahah, that is most likely peppermint tea cause it has the same effect as catnip (which is also a mint plant)! 😉

  9. silentk says:

    Yeah, that “tea for cat” would have been all over the floor in my house, in short order…

  10. dgerish says:

    Is . . . Is there a mouse floating in that tea? If so, ICK.

  11. how do these people have such a clean house when they spend all their time filming Maru? 😉 Not that I’m jealous ( maybe just a bit)

  12. Stressfactor says:

    It’s okay, it’s just a couple of tea bags containing the catnip used to brew the tea.

  13. CoffeeCup says:

    Catnip and tea. Why haven’t I ever thought of that? I know Maru looks like he comes from hearty stock but I assume it’s safe for cats.

  14. Rachael says:

    What a lovely big goofball he is! I do love me some Maru. 🙂

  15. jlamusings says:

    I know! One of my guys would’ve sniffed it then left. The other 2 tabbys (one tiny, one also with “considerable haunches”) would’ve torn that tea bag into bits and knocked the bowl over. Maru is such a gentlecat! 🙂

  16. It appears to kick in around :30 when he starts rubbing his face on the table and staring at his paws.

  17. fleurdamour says:


  18. Sharon Wilson says:

    I thought for a minute he was going to push the bowl off the table–Whoops-CRASH!

  19. noellesbootcutkittenpants says:

    I fully expected this to happen!

  20. ah aha haha haa haahaha

  21. he really is a beautiful cat. i always marvel at his cuteness.

    catnip tea is good for hoomans too. it is calming for hoomans. very good for you.

  22. I also marvel Maru’s cuteness as well, jen 😀

    I also read that catnip tea will help humans to avoid illnesses in a herb book, but I still would double check online and at health stores 😀

  23. Mónica García Lezama says:

    Ok I love Maru AND I love Cute Overload

  24. purrfectt says:

    aww Maru is Adorableee !!

    my cat loves matatabi !!! he doesnt seem to react to normal catnip ..