Jaz, Will You PLEASE Get Up!

Think we’re gonna need a tow truck here to haul Jaz’s keester outta the sack.

Discovered while randoming viewing The Tube.



  1. 260Oakley says:

    Great (Dis)Dane!

  2. Saffron says:

    How could the hoomin ask Jaz to get up and not even offer him a cup of coffee? Outrageous!!!

  3. lazy bone jones! i am the same way every morning. also reminds me of the kitteh alaska who would not come inside 🙂

  4. Are all Great Danes so lazy? The ideal dog for me is a lazy one!

  5. dgerish says:

    Who wouldn’t want to stay in such a warm, comfy place??!!!!

  6. rescue gal says:

    I am the same way every morning! I feel you, Jaz.

  7. I can tell just by his voice that this wonderful gentleman belongs in the Men of Cute Overload calendar!

  8. *grone*

  9. i am totally digging where this pupper is coming from

    she still wasn’t awake when the picture ended

  10. the opposite of my dogs, I’m usually the one that doesn’t wants to get up while they insist

  11. yes, and greyhounds too 🙂

  12. flappity ears at 1:27!

  13. That’s what I was thinking, too!!!

  14. Yeah, that’s how I would be, too. “No coffee? Then please go away for awhile.”

  15. NYERHE!

  16. Ajeffreysk says:

    And jowl flap! This is why we call the our Dane the flopples for short.

  17. kibblenibble says:

    Jaz: Rub mah belleh, hooman!

  18. I’m with you ! Rub my belleh or I don’t get up ! silly hoomans !

  19. If ONLY I could get so comfortable and rest so soundly. Good going girl.

  20. Especially on Mondays.

  21. My Lab loves to sleep in. It’s one of her most endearing traits — especially on the weekend.

  22. let me sleep why when I get up then you can’t wait until I go back to sleep so I will stop saying i’m sleepy