BBC Kittehs On The Move!

Clipboard01Peeps, check this out. A BBC show programme has outfitted 50 kittehs with GPS tracker-cams to find out what they DO all day. Besides sleep & lick their paws. There’s a show called The Secret Life Of The Cat,’s UK-only. Ahem. This link, though, shows you quite a lot. Click a kitteh at the top of that page, and the kitteh video journey will pop up. More here.

UPDATE 1.0! Cuteporter Tony J. found the show on YouTube!

UPDATE 2.0! Cuteporters DC & Tony J. found another one! w00t!

Cam-tester Rosie wearing a cat-cam.


This is where cam-tester Phoebe goes in a 24-hour period in her Surrey UK neighborhood.

Cuteporter Trisha M. gets the CREDITO for thees one! Many thanks.



  1. CoffeeCup says:

    This would be pretty fascinating as a live webcam.

  2. Love that so many of the cam views are framed by whiskers and scritchable chins. I also love that Orlando’s bio reads he has a sibling named Clawdius. 😀

  3. Smartypants says:

    Last pic reminds me of the “Family Circus” comic strip where the diagram shows the little kid (Jeffy?) going all around the neighborhood on his way to, say, the kitchen.

  4. 4leafclover says:

    I love that pic of Rosie–she’s so cute! She’s all, “First they put that bell on me, and now this”…

  5. EPenguin says:

    This show was shown where I live in the San Francisco Bay Area on KQED (local PBS station), so it must be available to other stations around the world if they wish to broadcast it. It’s a fascinating show! I think they showed it maybe a year ago.

  6. sabrina rose says:

    I LOVE this. BBC rocks! What a great idea, such fun to see where all the cats go and what they do when they are out and about.

  7. Catwhisperer says:

    A few of the cats are described as “moggie.” Is this is British term? I’ve never heard it before.

  8. Catwhisperer says:

    Is this A British term. Sheesh!

  9. Now that’s a reality show I can watch

  10. Sasha's Mum says:

    … Aaaand productivity at work for the remainder of June goes to zero.

  11. rescue gal says:

    Um- what happens if kitty does not come back? I can’t help it, I am a kitty momma, I worry. 😉

  12. ZabaZabaHey says:

    If anyone can use BitTorrent the programmes are available if you search for-
    “BBC Horizon 2013 The Secret Life of the Cat” and “BBC Horizon 2013 Little Cat Diaries”

  13. Tony James says:

    Moggie – noun, English. Generic, slightly pejorative, term for any cat of non-specific breed. As in “common-or-garden moggie”. Moggies come in all shapes, colours, sizes, and personalities, but all are loved by someone.

  14. Tony James says:

    Also available on U-Tyoob…just found it 🙂

  15. HA! there it is! Didn’t find it when I searched…updating!!!!

  16. moggy [ˈmɒgɪ]
    n pl moggies
    (Life Sciences & Allied Applications / Animals) Brit a slang name for cat1 [1] Sometimes shortened to mog
    [of dialect origin, originally a pet name for a cow]

  17. Tony James says:

    That’s why they’ve got GPS, or Gooshyfuds Positioning System. If kitty doesn’t come back, put some gooshyfuds outside and it will show up.

  18. Mikeyfur says:

    It’s fascinating to see their travels, but I agree with rescue gal.

  19. Tony James says:

    There’s a follow-up to this episode, inskidentally – Little Cat Diaries. Also available through The Power Of The ‘Tube.

  20. Tony James says:

    Er…what Zaba said.

  21. Yep, possibly even better than the main show – do not miss!

  22. Brinke – you really should add the Little Cat Diaries too: essential viewing, and not everybody is going to sleuth it out on YT 🙂

  23. got it! done! tell all your friends!

  24. this was the most fascinating look into cats’ lives ever. I hope to see more studies like it

  25. Poofster says:

    I remember a show about cats many years ago from the BBC. It showed that cats were really prolific hunters so it’s interesting to see that they might be changing their habits.

    I’m not surprised to learn cats are changing from more wild to more domesticated. I’ve certainly seen my own various cats evolve over the years. The cats I had as a kid do not behave the way mine do now.

    Regardless, cats are wonderful and this is proof of how fascinating they are 🙂

  26. rescue gal says:

    I am worried about cats that um…….let’s say can’t come back. Not even for their fuds. 😦 This happens when you let a cat wander around the city unattended.

  27. Tony James says:

    Seriously, things are a bit different back home in Teeny Tiny Eengerland – we don’t have the predators, and where most of us live it’s pretty safe for Fluffy to roam around. Sure, there are cars, but most of the time it isn’t a problem. Even the urban(e) foxes that have taken to live in the cities don’t bother the cats too much. The behaviour in the film is pretty commonplace – cats goes out, takes a stroll, goes potty, comes home. I promise, it’s not a worry 🙂

  28. I ended up watching the whole dang show, that was incredibly fascinating! I loved eet! And I loved the term ” solicitation purr ” oh boy do we know that one !

  29. kodalai says:

    It’s basically ‘mutt,’ but more for cats than dogs.

  30. And especially the nice lady offering to take in the ‘intruder’ cat … as I would probably do myself under the circumstances. LOL

  31. omg now I totally want to name my next cat Moggie, assuming he/she first the description.

  32. “fits” the description, of course. Sigh.

  33. That map is amazing, looks like Kato “clears the perimeter” at some point, while Phoebe mostly stays around her house (after escaping the laundry.) And their paths cross, but do they?

  34. How did your former/current cats’ behaviour differ?

  35. I’m guessing you didn’t watch the video : ) So the cool thing was that Kato and Phoebe share the same space, but one patrols and night and one during the day – a behavior the cat scientists are calling “time shifting”. But yeah – fighting is bad for fitness, sooo just avoid the hell out of your flatmate.

  36. The attachment experiment in the second video was an absolute classic. Dogs are just like toddlers — “Where’s my human? Where’s my human? Oh, thank dog, you’re back!!!” Cats are “People are pretty much interchangeable. Play with me and I’m yours. Oh, yeah, that’s the one I came in with. I guess she left, didn’t she? Meh.”

  37. No, I haven’t watched the video yet cuz I want to have time to watch it all! Probably over coffee in the a.m. . 😀

  38. I know a cat called Mogwai, which is the best car name ever, apart from Chairman Meow.

  39. Danolly says:

    I have had cats for 30 years in the UK and never cooped them up inside – we have badgers, foxes and birds of prey all visiting the garden and never had an issue. My 2 current moggies are 20 and 16 and loving their life so all good here 😉

  40. I had a cat named Maggie and when I had the apartment painted one of the workers pronounced her name “Moggie.” Maybe he was smarter than I gave him credit for.

  41. Coffee Cup says:

    I’m pretty concerned for the bunnies too. Cats outdoors can wreak havoc.

  42. We have done this several times. well Darin was the neighbors cat that adopted us… Then we got Bongo who now has a lovely home with my daughter.. And we also had Oscar but he disappeared after a year he was mostly feral but I like to believe he found another family to feed him. we are down to two cats… i expect sooner or later another stray kitty will show up at our door.

  43. Wasn’t Bongo the black kitty? And then, there’s your Magneato. Still one of the best cat names ever.

  44. yep Bongo is a tuxedo cat of many toes.. He opens all the apartment doors… Interestingly he never tries to go out.. It is like he got inside and he is not leaving the comfort. And he has a girlfriend her name is Lilith, which makes total sense because she runs the show never mind he is twice her size.. She is the boss of him. and Magneato totally fit her name. The girls named her. They also named one of the cats Zorak. i totally think they are wrong about cats loving their humans.. lilac and little one who were my Moms cats even rescued her once and when I get out the boxes of geneology from her house they are all over it. They miss her and remember her. And Bongo came to visit for a few days while I cat sit him and Lilith he totally remembered who I was.

  45. OMG! I am in love with this producsh! The kitteh’s are gobsmackingly beautiful. The village is pure British twee and some scientists took over the local hall for a week to study kittehs. + did you see the coverboy for our Man of CO- the dude putting the camera in Paulina’s lounge. What is not to love here? I died of severe cute overload several times during viewing. Arrrrrggghhh! (BTW did we ever actually get to see Sooty or just his GPS travels) and also did you see Hermie the hermaphradite? Who knew?

  46. AWW 😀 What are the names of your two current moggies, Danolly? 😀