As Seen At Trader EscarJoe’s

“This little guy was attached to the plastic wrap of a bouquet of flowers at Trader Joe’s. I got him off the wrapping and he instantly came out of his shell then proceeded to snail around my hand and my friend’s hand!” -Leigh Z. (Who also came up with the headline after some prompting!)




  1. sabrina rose says:

    It’s not easy being green….and so very tiny. Hope he found a new home in a nice flowerbed!

  2. Stay away from the butter, parsley, and garlic.

  3. I wonder where Trader Joe’s gets their flowers? Can we say “invasive species”? However, I don’t guess ONE snail can do much harm — unless it’s female and arrived pregnant.

  4. Don’t like snails, they’ve eaten my marigolds 😦

  5. Awww, he’s so cute!

  6. Snails are both male and female in one!

  7. Teeny tiny eye stalks.

  8. Smartypants says:

    When he saw the chef had a skillet ready, he said “It’s time for me to…escar-GO!”

  9. JenDeyan says:

    Imported plants are normally checked for invasive species and when they know a species is a problem in one state, plants are checked for them when they shipped out of state so I’d guess this little guy is most likely local. Of course, he’s tiny they might have missed him. But there’s good chance he’s harmless.

  10. Wow. Something eats marigolds? They smell so bad that the Hungarians have a unique name for them: “kis büdöske” (actual name), which means “little stinky one”.

  11. Gary? o_O

  12. Knowing Gary, he’s just in it for the cookie. He’ll be back, Spongebob. He’ll be back.

    Sorry, couldn’t resist 😀 I used to have a snail in my aquarium that I named Gary, and had two fiddler crabs named Krabby and Patty.