I Want This on My Facebook Page

Oh, and my Pinterest account, and my Twitter feed, and my chat icon, and my Skype profile, and that blog with all the cute animals, Cute Overbite or something, and…

Via Steve Wilson.



  1. “blunk” – love it!

  2. Cute Overbite? Isn’t that the page where TomNom (or whatever his name is) posts? :mrgreen:

  3. Classic NTMTOM! (This postlet too.)

  4. BabyOpossum says:

    Ahem. Mr. Utan, I believe the correct conjugation is “blank.” I blink now, I blank yesterday, I have blunk every day for years.

    I will let you off with a warning this time, though, as I’m reasonably sure you are not a native English speaker.

  5. Good, I was hoping someone would post a correction on that. But it’s actually Ms. Utan, thank you.

  6. huplescat says:

    Aw, it *is* a CZ orang! I thought she looked familiar! The real crime is not showing Emma’s gorgeous son Tripa!

  7. What’s so cute about a hairy old man? Oh wait…