Buon Appetito

We’re all outta spaghetti, so you wanna have Corgillini?

Corgnelius’s new brother, Stumphrey!



  1. JenDeyan says:

    Yum! My favorite. *cuddle fest*

  2. No, no more “pups in pots”! Solamente corgis ensaladas!

  3. tracylee says:


    I call the earsies!!

  4. Oh Waiter, I’d like an order of corgillini with a side of spicy meatballs per favore ,
    Graze !

  5. this is too adorable! look at those paws!!!

  6. I’d like the corgillini to go, please.

  7. Where can I find the recipe?

  8. This is my kind of dog food!!

  9. I love their names. XD

  10. Jimbeaux says:

    After all this time, Max Stubular has gone to pot!

  11. Io bisigno una cane piccolo corgi!

  12. sorry i took so long to read but try to do a center for kids but getting no where!