Bunday Bandits

Bunnies be nimble, bunnies be quick, bunnies do the run-away-with-an-apple-core binky kick.

Fave Frame:

Screen Shot 2013-06-15 at 9.08.00 PM
“I made a video of my bunnies, Mary and George, discussing in that polite rabbit way how to divvy up the stolen remains of my breakfast this morning.” -Meghann M.



  1. Scout C says:

    This was funny. I never realized rabbits could do something so funny. I’ve only known two house rabbits, one of whom was like the rabbit in Monty Python’s “Holy Grail” and would chew your hand off if given a chance and the other who was sweet but a non-stop poop machine. Neither ever did anything cute like this. Thanks for opening my eyes to a whole new side of bunny-ness.

  2. Tanya B. says:

    This is cute, but be careful! “Apple seeds contain toxins which eventually poison rabbits” http://www.coloradohrs.org/articles/diet_detailed_generic.asp
    Hopefully your little guys didn’t get at any of the seeds.

  3. Bunnies be very cute. But I’m a fiddler – what was the name of the tune

  4. Those two may well have not been speutered – territorial aggression and marking are usually hormonal issues at least at first. Once you can get that out of their systems, bunnies can be like any other house aminal – some are feisty, some are timid, some are bossy, or snuggly, or anything else you can probably imagine. I fostered a pair for a while, where I learned that “The Kale Is Always Greener In The Other Bunny’s Mouf”. My current bun has tried to climb INTO MY MOUTH after a bit of honeycrisp apple.

    I was hanging out on the deck last evening, and she was alternately lying on her tummy to enjoy the cool breezes, exploring for sniffies (and possible gaps in the grid-panels I have protecting the container plants from her premature harvesting) and tossing around an empty plastic cup that made a satisfying thunk when it hit the wood; In other words, hanging out near her human and amusing herself – just like any other pet.

  5. 6rabbits says:

    Reminds me of my pair, Remy and Oscar, but nearly every bunny pair I’ve had, one bun was the “food snatcher.” Benji would patiently wait for Zoe to grab food and dash off before he’d even start to eat! Bunnies can be very amusing! 🙂

  6. I have a Dutchie and I always thought rabbits weren’t supposed to eat apple seeds. I think they may be harmful to them. FYI!

  7. Coffee Cup says:

    Rabbits are all nonstop poop machines. You learn to live with it and clean often!

  8. Now granted what I don’t know about bunnehs would fll volumes but …..
    I didn’t know bunnehs liked apple ! I’ve never seen one being given them. I just might have to slice one up (minus the seeds) & throw it around my yard to give the wild buns that visit my yard every day a treat.

  9. sabrina rose says:

    I just hope that they didn’t get what my ol’ granny used to call the Green Apple Quick Step!

  10. Sped up nose-twitching and bunny chewing is redonkulously cute and mesmerizing to watch.

  11. I have a 13 year old Japanese harlequin and a 8 year old Netherland dwarf both love an occasional apple slice but NEVER the core – the seeds are toxic. I hope these two are okay

  12. Please don’t let bunnies eat APPLE PIPS as Tanya B. says, they’re POISONOUS. 😦

  13. Meghann M says:

    They don’t – they leave ’em all over the carpet for me to clean up 🙂 thanks for your concern though!

  14. Meghann M says:

    These are my buns – just so everyone knows – they are unusually sensible when it comes to pips. I used to give them cores and took the pips out, but when Mary started stealing the remains of my fruit I discovered that both she and George just spit the pips out. Thanks for everyone’s concern. I always check the bun-safety of everything I feed to them 🙂

  15. They litter train so easily though. As long as they are spayed/neutered and you have a litterbox that you don’t mind emptying, this is a very minor issue with them.