The Red Panda Diary

S’cuse me Mr. Helper Man, but would you be so kind as TO NOT HOIST ME UP BY MY TAIL WHILE I AM EATING? Thanks much.


  1. Awwwww. Those lil’ guys are so cute and cuddly and fluffy, I wanted to pick them up and hug them both. Red pandas are totally adorable; I wish they could be kept as pets.

    Why WAS the hoomin checking under their tails?

  2. Looks like he was checking to see if there are any outward signs of ill health.

  3. Doesn’t matter. if someone tried with me while I was eating dinner, I’d bite the hand and work my way up.

    And then I’d file a police report for assault.

  4. whawhawhatsis says:

    I love the URL. :D Happy Birthday, Fird!!!

  5. 260Oakley says:

    A very Happy Birfleday, Ms Ferd!

  6. 6rabbits says:

    *blows birthday horn toward Florida* Happy B-day, Fird! :-)

  7. Happy birthday Firdie!!! I don’t know where you are, but hope it’s a good one. *shakes some pom poms in her general direction*

  8. emmberrann says:

    HB, Ms. Birfle! We miss your sparkling wit!

  9. rescue gal says:

    Wow- the serving staff at this establishment is very hands on. Maybe a little too hands on!

  10. Just wanted to give them a little bum waggling during meal time.

  11. Right! Standard Operating Procedure!

  12. Maybe they were examining them? Still, kind of rude.

  13. Bauthorfowler says:

    Stupid question; What are the red pandas eating?

  14. Firefox brand red panda chow !

  15. JenDeyan says:

    Looks like some apples and grapes thrown in as well.

    I would eat some of that panda chow to hang out with these guys.

  16. LOL. So “food-oritentated”. Even when lifted by their tails for a health check up, still 100% focus on FOOD.

  17. kittykat416 says:

    I never realized red pandas had such loooong tails!

  18. It looked like he was checking them for something. Ticks? Burrs? Ability to focus?



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