Friday Haiku Too: What’s Up, Croc?

This croc loves to rock
He wants to rock ’round the croc clock
‘Til he gets too tired.


“Despite wanting to nip as much as their adult counterparts do, these bebeh freshwater crocs are extremely soft, they squeak (much like Milo from Milo’s World) and they ooze cute from every scute.” –Anne F. from Sydney.

[“Scute?” Whatever, it rhymes- Ed]



  1. 260Oakley says:

    In the Everglades
    It’s time for Croctoberfest
    So don’t touch that ‘dile

  2. SilverOak says:

    Scutes are the bony scales that cover turtles and crocodilians, including this guy when it gets bigger.

  3. Wanna split now
    I just can’t quit now
    You’ve really got a hold on me

  4. I encountered a baby gator in the Everglades; it grunted like a little pig.

  5. Wouldn’t he be doing the Crocodile Rock ? (“Where your feet just can’t keep still…)

  6. bob drummond says:


  7. Mamabear says:

    HA! That first picture really reminded me of an episode of Ren and Stimpy:

    “A creature from the prehistoric past; the terrible, feeearsome…CROCostimpy! If we listen verrrry carefully, we might just hear the beautiful, haunting mating call of this majestic beast. Leeeson!”

    “Happy, happy…joy, joy!”

  8. “Well, Crocodile Rockin’ is somethin’ shockin’ when your feet just can’t be still…”

  9. Scute, from the Latin scutum, scuti, n. – shield
    PSA sponsored by the Committee for the Promotion of Latin

  10. Salve!

  11. Back atcha, Theresa! 😉

  12. This version always felt so much more appropriate to me:

  13. Watching baby crocs hunt is just freaking adorable! For example, they might attack the Savage Wild Dragonfly…and cronch it up when they get one. (Usually takes several attempts.) And they have the cutest lil’ tummy-up mosey…

    Bonus “Crocodile Rock” humor: My daughter sang along and belted out, “Oh, Lordy Mama! Those trilobites! When Susie bore her precious life…”

    I will never, ever hear that song and not see trilobites getting DOWN…