Flower Bed

Brand new video heah! Simon’s Cat visits the garden…and just wants to help. Sorta.

Get your fix of Simon’s Cat here.



  1. Victoria, Mom to 3 Rats (and 2 kittehs) says:

    See my cats wouldn’t poop in the whole before the plant was put in it. They’d wait until after it was planted, dig up the plant and then poop all around it. But that expression cracks me up every time.

  2. This has happened to me on more than one occasion. Silly kitty!

  3. rescue gal says:

    The tail wiggle!

  4. doomchild says:

    Such a helpful little kitteh 🙂

  5. Sharon Wilson says:

    Oh, kitties love to help in the garden! I knew what was going to happen as soon as I saw that hole!

  6. ROFL!

    my connection hiccupped the first time through and i somehow missed the important bit, so I wound it back and had to wait to reload (bad network! bad!) and then ran it again and when it got to where the cat, erm, advances the plot… and i saw how simon drew it, i about fell out my chair.

    that’s going to be today’s swing-thought for why i’m grinning all the time

  7. Starfish says:

    This made my face hurt (in a good way, of course). Best part is the “he did it” point before the cat just walks off.

  8. I have this issue, and I don’t let me kittehs outside. Unfortunately, the neighborhood cats seem to think my yard is a public litter box. I just keep the gloves on and watch where I’m working.

    Also, I can’t resist telling everyone I know my good news. I’ll be getting a new baby boy the end of July. He’s a total cutie and there’s few pics of him here: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=462914207128320&set=a.462914127128328.1073741838.176800252406385&type=1&theater

  9. Everyone knows that it’s ALWAYS the gnomes fault!

  10. AWW 😀 He is a cutie, joyce 😀 I hope you have many long and happy years with your new kitty 😀

  11. 😆 Kitties do what kitties do 😆

  12. HOLE, not whole!!!

  13. Fird Birfle says:


  14. Victoria, Mom to 3 Rats says:

    It was a typo, sheesh.

  15. Typos aren’t allowed in the CO, Victoria. Duh. 😉